NOTE: PG&E’s smart thermostat and electric heat pump water heater rebate program has moved to the Golden State Rebates program. The last eligible Purchase Date to use the PG&E rebate program for these products is 10/31/22. Rebate applications must be submitted by 12/31/22.

Visit Golden State Rebates, funded in coordination with PG&E, SCE, SDG&E and SoCalGas, for information on product rebates through the new statewide program.

To get a smart thermostat rebate plus an enrollment bonus that allows PG&E to optimize your thermostat settings during peak periods, visit SmartAC thermostats.

Receive a PG&E rebate with qualifying smart thermostats

PG&E has several ways to help customers acquire a smart thermostat to lower energy usage and bills.

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Do you want to receive a rebate for a smart thermostat and allow PG&E to optimize the settings of your thermostat during peak periods? (May be the most beneficial)

If yes, visit the Smart AC page.

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Do you want to receive a rebate for a smart thermostat without allowing PG&E to optimize your settings?

If yes, visit Golden State Rebate.

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Do you want help finding a smart thermostat?

If yes, visit the Energy Action Guide.

Create a connected home

Now that you’ve got a smart thermostat, make the rest of your home smart. You’ll gain security, comfort and convenience, plus the energy efficiency will help you save.