Save energy, costs and time with rebates

PG&E's Generator and Battery Rebate Program

Generator and Battery Rebate Program

Extend power for your home or business during an outage. PG&E is offering eligible customers a $300 rebate on the purchase of a qualifying product (generator or battery) to prepare for power outages.

72 degree thermostat

Smart thermostat rebates

PG&E has several ways to help customers acquire a smart thermostat to lower energy usage and bills.

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Electric heat pump water heaters and room air conditioner rebates

The California Golden State Rebate Program provides rebates for products that can help you reduce your energy use.

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Energy Action Guide

For help locating energy efficient appliances and equipment, visit the Energy Action Guide.

Visit Multifamily Property Owners and Managers

Learn about rebates for multifamily property owners and managers

We offer rebates to owners and managers of multifamily properties with two or more units when you upgrade to qualifying, energy-efficient products. Qualifying products may be installed in tenant units and common areas of apartment buildings, mobile home parks and condominium complexes.