California faces growing risks to its natural environment and unique biodiversity. Today, about 30% of California’s species are threatened with extinction―more than any other state. Climate change is further threatening California’s natural environment―through direct impacts to habitats and species and indirect impacts through climate-induced changes in resources such as food, water, and habitat quality and availability.

As one of the largest landowners in California, PG&E has a long history of responsible stewardship of the natural environment. We are renewing our focus on environmental stewardship and are pursuing opportunities to invest in partnerships that will promote protecting and restoring land, water, and air in habitats and communities across our service area.

The Better Together Nature Positive Innovation grant program, funded by The PG&E Corporation Foundation (Foundation), is requesting proposals of $100,000 to fund five projects (one in each region of PG&E’s service area) in 2022 that address a specific environmental stewardship focus area:

  • Land Stewardship
  • Air Quality
  • Water Stewardship


The deadline for applications is September 30, 2022. Applications should be submitted to For your application, please submit a single Word or PDF document with all of the requested information.

Download RFP (PDF, 337 KB)

PG&E Regions

PGE Regions


Eligible applicants will be governmental organizations (including tribal governments), educational institutions, or certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations/public charities. Applicants must be prepared to provide documentation to demonstrate they meet the Foundation’s criteria for charitable giving. Applicants must be the grantee and not a fiscal sponsor for another organization.

Priority will be given to projects that address the needs of disadvantaged and/or vulnerable communities.

Organizations are invited to submit one application that addresses any of the three focus areas (Land Stewardship, Air Quality, or Water Stewardship) in any of the five regions. One grantee will be selected from each region. Grants can cover any stage of a project, including but not limited to planning, construction, design, education, and coordination.

Organizations that have been awarded a Better Together Resilient Communities grant in the last two years are ineligible for this grant program.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals must comply with all submission instructions and guidelines to be considered for funding. To inform your proposal, applicants may refer to the glossary of terms and the list of sample resources that are included in the RFP. The Foundation will evaluate all proposals according to the application questions below.

Additional Grant Opportunities

You may also be interested in the Resilience Hubs grant program, sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). This grant supports the development of local “resilience hubs” aimed at providing a physical space or set of resources that supports community resilience—such as access to power, shelter, and information—to climate-driven extreme weather events, including wildfires, as well as future Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events. Once developed, the hubs can also be accessed year-round to build and sustain community adaptive capacity in a trusted location.

PG&E’s Resilience Hubs grant program is independent from the Foundation’s Better Together Nature Positive Innovation grant program. You can apply for a Resilience Hub grant and a Nature Positive Innovation grant in the same grant cycle/year.

Learn more about the Resilience Hubs grant program