Learn about the benefits of LED streetlights

Replacing conventional streetlights with LED lighting can greatly reduce energy use and maintenance costs while improving light quality and output at street level. Advantages of LED streetlights include:


  • Energy efficiency: LED fixtures use 50% to 75% less energy than traditional high-pressure sodium vapor fixtures
  • Reliability: Most LED streetlights have an expected life of 20 years and can be expected to maintain up to 90% of their light output over that time.
  • Cost savings: Monthly energy costs and maintenance requirements are significantly reduced with LEDs.
  • Safety: LEDs provide a more natural-looking and evenly distributed light, resulting in greater visibility for pedestrians and drivers alike.
  • Environment: Night sky visibility is greatly improved with the advanced optics in many LED fixtures which direct the light only towards the street and sidewalk, virtually eliminating uplight. Using less energy also means generating fewer greenhouse gasses.


Learn about LED streetlight rebates

The following are requirements for eligibility in this streetlight rebate program:


  • You own and maintain streetlights in a PG&E service area and are on the LS-2 electric schedule. Learn about the LS-2 electric schedule (PDF, 1.3 MB).
  • To qualify for rebates, LED products must meet the DesignLights Consortium's Premium Classification. All LED products meeting these specifications can be found on the Qualified Products List (QPL) at the time of application.
  • LEDs installed must be lower wattage than the lamps they replace.
  • LED streetlights must be installed and completed applications must be submitted by November 12, 2018.
Measure Code
Measure DescriptionRebate Amount

LED Street Lighting: Install >146 - 235 W Fixture



LED Street Lighting: Install >107 - 146 W Fixture



LED Street Lighting: Install >90 - 107 W Fixture



LED Street Lighting: Install >68 - 90 W Fixture



LED Street Lighting: Install >45 - 68 W Fixture



LED Street Lighting: Install >29 - 45 W Fixture



LED Street Lighting: Install >0 - 29 W Fixture


Learn how the LED rebate program works

  1. Contact your local PG&E account rep, or email led@pge.com to request a streetlight rebate application, and provide the following info:
    • Name of the customer as it appears on your PG&E bill
    • Type of organization (city/county/homeowner’s association/etc.)
    • Number of streetlights to be converted to LEDs
    • Provide product specification sheets of the LEDs to be installed, and paid invoices for the material and installation.
  2. PG&E will send you an application showing the streetlights associated with your account. Install qualified LEDs on your streetlights (see eligibility rules in section above), then complete the application per the instructions provided, indicating which lights have been converted, and any necessary corrections/updates to the streetlight listing.
  3. Submit the completed application to PG&E, and the verification process will begin. Once complete, rebates will be processed and issued. LED streetlights that use less energy than the lamps they replace will also result in a lower calculated usage charges, resulting in decreased monthly bills.