Find out who’s qualified to access underground conduits

PG&E allows access to excess capacity in its underground conduit infrastructure in accordance with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Qualified companies (competitive local exchange carriers or CLECs) may start the request for information and access processes once they execute our master license agreement.

Download a master license agreement (PDF, 76 KB)
To complete an agreement, contact the Joint Utilities Department at

Review the information-request and application processes

Once you’ve entered into a master license agreement with PG&E, follow these steps:

Learn about PG&E’s standards

All companies working in our underground conduits must be approved by PG&E. Approval requires registration in ISNetworld and a grade of ‘B’ or better in PG&E’s contractor safety program, plus current certification in PG&E’s Gold Shovel Certification Program.

For more information, visit:

Also, download information on PG&E’s Contractor Safety Program (PDF, 322 KB).

Companies must also comply with PG&E’s latest fiber optic cable installation standards. You’ll receive the latest version once you’ve executed a master license agreement and a non-disclosure agreement. Note that the standards are updated from time to time. Download the PG&E Nondisclosure and Use of Information Agreement (PDF, 76 KB).

In addition to all of the above, any company entering into a master license agreement with PG&E agrees to meet all construction and safety standards prescribed by the master license agreement, including CPUC – General Order 128 and those that PG&E may prescribe now and at any point in the future.

Get more information

For general information about the right-of-way conduit access request process, and to inquire about establishing a master license agreement, email your request to

Request a map

To submit an email request for a map of underground routes, attach a Conduit Mapping Request form together with a marked area map (such as from Google Maps) and send to

Request conduit access

To submit an email request for access, attach an Exhibit A with a marked PG&E map detailing a desired route, and send to