How it works

Many large companies follow a procurement process similar to PG&E. Our sourcing department regularly evaluates suppliers to ensure competitiveness and/or if there is a particular need within a category. Suppliers participate in bid opportunities via a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ).

How do you prepare for an opportunity?

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Outline your capabilities.

Be able to concisely describe your company’s unique capabilities and how they meet the needs of PG&E or a potential business customer.

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Do your research.

Explore current market conditions, business operations or requirements, regulatory mandates, and current legislation. Also understand PG&E expectations regarding supplier diversity, environmental sustainability and supplier conduct (PDF, 453 KB). PG&E may hold meetings with aspiring suppliers to outline opportunities. Define where you can add value and ensure you meet current needs.

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Consider certification as a diverse or small business.

While not required, you can maximize your opportunities by getting certified through various agencies that PG&E recognizes, which are listed on our supplier diversity page. Once you’re certified, look for opportunities that might be a good fit.

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Check on industry requirements.

Depending on your product or service, there may be certain safety, insurance or license requirements a supplier needs to meet. Click on the minimum requirements tab above to learn more.

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Attend trainings and outreach events.

PG&E’s Technical Assistance Program offers educational and capacity-building trainings to support the competitive success of small and diverse businesses. Leverage PG&E supply chain responsibility outreach events to network with sourcing decision makers, supplier diversity managers, prime suppliers, or potential partners. Become a member of a community organization focused on supplier diversity or environmental sustainability. When attending events, come prepared with an overview to leave behind, highlighting important points about your company capabilities. Share successes within the utility or related industries.

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Create a supplier profile.

Indicate your interest in working with PG&E. These supplier profiles may be reviewed when procurement opportunities arise.

Supplier requirements

Supplier minimum qualifications vary depending on the product or service type.

Common considerations are:

  • Adherence to PG&E’s Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Having a robust and established safety program
  • Having a state and federal taxpayer ID and necessary business licenses
  • Having been in business for two or more years showing financial stability
  • Maintaining sufficient general liability, auto, and worker's compensation insurance
  • Providing good quality at a competitive cost
  • Aligning well with PG&E’s priorities and needs
  • Demonstrating supply chain responsibility

Many specific types of suppliers, such as construction contractors or those that manage sensitive/confidential data, have additional requirements.