Why go green?

Part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, the Go Green Initiative helps suppliers reduce environmental impact and gain a competitive edge. Today, sustainability plays an important role in procurement decisions for companies large and small. Choosing to go green is good for the planet and good for business:

  • Green practices can result in real, measurable operational savings
  • Installing energy efficient lighting can reduce your energy use
  • Replacing outdated equipment with energy efficient models drives down costs
  • Green businesses can pass on savings to their customers, who also care about being green
  • Being green can boost loyalty and attract new customers
  • As the sustainable business market grows, so do opportunities for energy efficient businesses

Green business toolkit

If you’re ready to implement a clean energy business program, do the following:

  • Start small and create a basic policy
  • Implement a few specific green projects
  • See how quickly you achieve results and how much they energize employees and customers
  • Once you have a solid foundation, expand your program and further reduce your environmental impact
  • Use the following documents to develop, implement and track your initial policy and projects
  • Find out about supplier environmental performance expectations


Understand environmental best practices in your industry: Visit The Sustainability Project to learn about the supplier environmental sustainability survey.


Download now (PDF, 185 KB)


Download now (PDF, 104 KB)

Green training opportunities

To foster greater understanding of energy efficiency and clean energy business opportunities, PG&E offers a variety of free classes and training events through our learning centers and partnerships with local community colleges.

PG&E Energy Center

Attend no-cost professional training events with access to industry experts.

PG&E's PowerPathway™ program

Attend no-cost professional training events with access to industry experts.

Easy steps toward energy savings

Increasing energy efficiency decreases operating costs, reduces carbon footprint and lowers costs for your customers. That’s why managing your energy makes good financial sense. PG&E offers lots of resources to help you save energy and money. Here are some easy ways to get started.

Incentives and credits for your business

To promote energy efficiency, PG&E offers incentives and rebates for green business practices. Federal and state agencies do too. Use these links to find out how you can take advantage of these programs and if what you’re doing right now can help put money back in your pocket.

Green certification for your business

Become a certified green business. It can provide a framework for implementing your green program and be a great marketing tool to attract new customers. Use the links below to find the right green certification for your business.

Additional resources

Researching clean energy business practices can be overwhelming. PG&E has put together these resources to get you started, learn basic terminology, best practices, and the latest environmental news.