We plan to conduct competitive solicitations starting in the Fall of 2021 and continuing throughout 2022 to select implementer(s) for the Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) programs. These programs were approved in a recent California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) decision (D.21-06-015).

Learn more about the CPUC decision

We will apply an open, fair, and competitive process to select the best implementers for our customers and to provide potential implementers the opportunity to create high quality proposals to participate and be successful.

This page is your source for all ESA programs solicitation announcements. This page contains general information:

  • Our solicitation planned schedules
  • Program information and requirements
  • Resources and FAQs
  • For specific questions related to Request for Proposals (RFPs), please communicate through PowerAdvocate

Schedule of Upcoming Solicitations

IOU Solicitation Schedules are updated on a monthly basis. Please note that each solicitation schedule may vary and is subject to change. Within the Solicitations Schedule, below, you’ll find a broad overview schedule containing each IOU’s current and planned solicitations, including major milestones. The schedule will be updated as needed.

Download Solicitation Schedule (XLSX, 40 KB)

NOTE: PG&E’s solicitation schedule was updated on March 1, 2023.

The Solicitation Process

Contract opportunities, when available, will be posted to the PG&E Bid Opportunities website (link below). We recommend interested bidders review the Solicitations Schedule regularly, and check the Bid Opportunities website for details on specific opportunities, including how to register, relevant deadlines, scope and scale of opportunity, and other information.

Visit bid opportunities website

This overview of the approach generally applies to ESA solicitations listed on this page. Any exceptions to the process will be detailed in the specific solicitations. Per D.21-06-015, we will utilize a single – stage RFP, followed by a two- step selection process. RFPs will be released through PowerAdvocate.

In addition, we plan to use several channels to notify the public, participants and interested stakeholders about the ESA Programs solicitations. These channels may include:

  • The CPUC service lists for relevant proceedings
  • Proposal Evaluation & Proposal Management Application (PEPMA)
  • The California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (CAEECC) website
  • And others

PG&E prepared a solicitation plan in 2021 highlighting the various solicitations planned for the ESA Program from 2022-2026. The plan contains an overview of the solicitation process, platforms used by PG&E and prospective bidders, and any contract scope or bidder eligibility information available at the time of publishing on September 7, 2021. Subsequent changes will be incorporated throughout this website.

View our September 7, 2021 Solicitation Plan (PDF, 414 KB)

Please note: Solicitation timelines are subject to change. Find the latest solicitation timeline in Schedule of Upcoming Solicitations above. The schedule will be updated monthly for the Main ESA (Basic/Plus), ESA Bulk Materials Purchasing, ESA Plus/Deep Pilot, ESA Multifamily Central Portal and ESA Multifamily Whole Building (MFWB) programs between Q4 2021 and Q1 2023.

We recommend for interested bidders to register with the statewide Proposal Evaluation & Proposal Management Application (PEPMA) and monitor this website to stay informed on the latest developments for each solicitation. Any official notifications will be provided through (PowerAdvocate).


None at this time.


  • Main ESA Bidders Conference, November 29, 2021
  • ESA Northern Multifamily Whole Building Bidders Conference, February 9, 2022
  • ESA Pilot Plus and Pilot Deep Bidders Conference, February 15, 2022
  • ESA Bulk Materials Program, Pre-Bid Meeting, May 20, 2022
  • Bulk Materials Program, Bidders Conference, July 6, 2022


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Learn about upcoming ESA opportunities

PEPMA (Proposal Evaluation & Proposal Management Application) is a California Statewide Investor-Owned Utilities (IOU) and Energy Savings Assistance Solicitation website. This site serves as a resource for bidders to learn about upcoming energy savings assistance opportunities, solicitations and energy savings solicitations information and resources.

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Learn when solicitations become available

When the solicitations are available for registration, they are posted on our website. Bidders interested in working with us can respond to RFP opportunities posted on our website.

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How to register for solicitations

PowerAdvocate is our sourcing platform where interested bidders will need to register for access to all solicitations (Request for Proposals). Bidders can review activities including communications, document download and upload, and information regarding solicitation milestones.

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Information on requirements

Interested bidders can access information on Supply Chain Responsibility, Contractor Safety, Supplier Quality Requirements for Materials, and more on our webpage.