PG&E Shell Pond

Shell-Pond site map

PG&E Shell Pond site map.

The Shell Pond site is a 73-acre former wastewater treatment pond located on a 292-acre parcel in Bay Point, California. The treatment pond was built and used by Shell Oil to manage liquid wastewater from operations from the 1950s through the 1970s. PG&E purchased the property from Shell Oil in 1973 and is working to clean the old pond and related areas. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) oversees and approves all work at the site.

Revitalizing former treatment pond

Worker inspecting plant growth

Workers continue to monitor plant growth as part of a year-long pilot study.

PG&E, along with research scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, DTSC and other regulatory agencies, is studying methods to clean up the pond in a way that limits impacts to the community.

We began a year-long pilot study in fall 2016 to determine if the root systems of plants can break down waste material in pond sediments through a process called phytoremediation. Workers will continue to monitor plant growth through the end of 2017. If successful, PG&E will work with DTSC to incorporate phytoremediation as part of a cleanup plan for the site. We anticipate cleanup work will begin in 2020.

Community engagement

PG&E annually sponsors and volunteers at Bay Point's Unity in Community event

PG&E annually sponsors and volunteers at Bay Point's Unity in Community event

PG&E is actively involved in the Bay Point community and regularly provides project updates to key community groups and stakeholders. Our community work also includes participating in the Adopt-a-Road program along Port Chicago Highway and sponsoring an annual wetlands education event for middle school students.

Site-related documents can also be found locally at:

  • Bay Point Library
    205 Pacifica Ave.
    Bay Point, CA 94565
    Phone number: 925-458-9597
  • DTSC File Room
    700 Heinz Ave.
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    Phone number: 510-540-3800 (Call to schedule an appointment.)
  • Ambrose Community Center - Reception Desk
    3105 Willow Pass Road
    Bay Point, CA 94565 Phone number: 925-458-1601