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PG&E's Climate Strategy Report

Committed to climate action in California

Our climate goals

Sustainability and climate action have long been core parts of PG&E's DNA.

As California's largest energy utility, we have a proven performance record on clean energy. In 2022, we delivered electricity to our customers that was 95% greenhouse gas emissions-free. We lead the industry in rooftop solar installations, electric vehicle adoption, and grid-level energy storage—such as our leading-edge battery installation at Moss Landing. Plus, we're a leader in gas-leak detection, which has driven down methane emissions from our gas system.


However, climate change is impacting California just as it's impacting the rest of the planet.


That's why PG&E is committed to reaching net zero energy and beyond. And why we're a willing partner to help lead California to an equitable and viable clean energy future that leaves no one behind. Here's how we plan to do it.


Committed to helping heal the planet


PG&E is helping to heal the planet by committing to:

  • A climate- and nature-positive energy system by 2050
  • A net zero energy system in 2040—five years ahead of California's current carbon neutrality goal
  • A series of 2030 climate goals to reduce PG&E's carbon footprint and enable our customers and communities to reduce theirs


Leading an equitable and viable transition that leaves no one behind

This infographic depicts PG&E’s climate goals through the year 2050, including providing cleaner energy, helping customers reduce their carbon footprint, reducing PG&E’s carbon emissions, creating a net zero energy system, and ultimately running a climate- and nature-positive energy system.

PG&E's Climate Strategy Report


We invite you to explore our Climate Strategy Report. Learn more about our plan to bring about a clean energy future in partnership with our customers and others.

Download the Climate Strategy Report (PDF)
Download PG&E's Climate Goals fact sheet (PDF)

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