Committed to safety, reliability and environmental stewardship

View of Topock Compressor Station near Needles, California and the Colorado River

The Topock Compressor Station plays an important role in supplying natural gas to our service areas in Central and Northern California. The station is located in eastern San Bernardino County, about 15 miles southeast of Needles, and began operation in 1951. Topock and other, similar stations are needed to safely pressurize and push natural gas through several hundred miles of pipeline on its way to homes, businesses and other gas customers.

We’re committed to safety, reliability and environmental stewardship at the Topock Compressor Station. That commitment includes the investigation and cleanup of groundwater and soil near the station. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) oversee our efforts. We also work closely with several nearby communities and Native American Tribes. Tribal representatives play a vital role in monitoring our project activities.

Comprehensive Environmental Program

Extensive environmental studies have been conducted or are in progress at the Topock Compressor Station and surrounding area. These studies guide cleanup and stewardship activities and ensure compliance with all operating permits and regulatory requirements. For example:

  • A final cleanup plan is in place to treat groundwater (underground water in soil and rock beneath the station) that contains hexavalent chromium from historical operations at the station. Interim cleanup measures in place since 2005 are treating groundwater until the final remedy is installed and operational, anticipated to be about 2020. So far, about 8,000 pounds of chromium have been recovered.
  • Long-term monitoring of Colorado River water confirms that no hexavalent chromium is in the river and none has ever been detected in any river or sediment samples taken near the station.
  • Our soil investigation focuses on soils at and near the station to help PG&E, DTSC and DOI decide what next steps may be needed.

Learn more about the Topock Program

Visit our Topock cleanup page and DTSC’s project websiteOpens in new Window.. You may also download the following program fact sheets:

Read about accomplishments and other Topock project highlights (PDF, 590 KB)

Learn more about recent activities in this DTSC factsheet about Topock (PDF, 1.42 MB)
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If you have any questions about the compressor station or our cleanup efforts, call us at 1-866-247-0581 or email us at

Get more details

Get more details

The DTSC Topock Project website provides more details about the cleanup, including photos, schedules, and a document repository. Visit PG&E Topock Compressor Station Environmental Investigation and Cleanup Activities.

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Learn more about cleanup efforts

Get more information about our cleanup efforts at Topock and Hinkley Compressor Stations in San Bernardino County. Visit Hinkley Compressor Station and Topock Compressor Station Cleanup.