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Paperless billing

Convenient, clutter-free and good for the planet

End the hassle. Go paperless.

Go paperless

  • Nearly 2 million PG&E customers have already gone paperless
  • That number is growing.
  • Paperless billing is the easy way to receive your monthly statement. 

It’s fast.

You'll receive an email alert when your statement arrives.

It's secure.

An online account is securely protected. Plus, you can view up to 24 months of account history.

It's easy.

No more hassling with paper bills.

Step 1: Sign in


  • Just sign into your secure online PG&E account.
  • If you don't have an account yet, it's easy to sign up.


Step 2: Select the paperless billing option


  • Select the "Go Paperless" checkbox.
  • It's directly under your Total Balance amount.


Step 3: Set your alert preference


  • Choose Edit Profile & Alerts under Profile & Alerts.
  • When your bill is ready to view, how would you like to receive a monthly alert? Set your preference.


Manage your budget. Control how you pay.

  • Let us help you manage how you budget and pay for energy.
  • Learn easy ways to keep your energy costs predictable.

Learn more about paperless billing, budget billing and energy alerts.