Locate a neighborhood payment center

Please enter your location to find a nearby in-person neighborhood payment center. Entry of a city or a ZIP code is required.

Pay in person

  • PG&E offers more than 575 convenient authorized Neighborhood Payment Center locations for all your bill payment needs.
  • Bring your bill or 11 digit account number with you to make your payment, and retain the receipt for your records (you will need this if you call us about your payment).
  • At these locations, cash, checks, money orders, and cashier's checks are all accepted and there is no payment service charge. (Walmart and KMart stores do not accept checks, but do accept cash and PIN-based debit cards).
  • Payments made before 5 p.m. are posted same day. Most locations are open after business hours and on weekends to fit your schedule.
  • There is no payment service charge.

Accessible neighborhood payment centers

Measures have been taken to ensure that the PG&E payment process at the neighborhood payment centers indicated by the International Symbol of Accessibiity (ISA) is accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with applicable law.