Program overview for original equipment manufacturers

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PG&E's EV Fleet program supports PG&E-approved original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who are working with customers to electrify their fleet vehicles. One of the barriers to EV fleet adoption is uncertainty surrounding the availability of electric infrastructure to support electric fleet vehicles. In this program, we provide infrastructure support to accelerate adoption among fleet owners and increase sales for OEMs.

Do you have a customer who’s ready to participate in the EV Fleet Program?

  1. Review the Eligibility section on this page to ensure your customer meets program requirements.
  2. Find helpful documents and tools to determine costs and incentives for your customer in the Forms and Tools section on this page.
  3. Email us a completed Electric Vehicle Customer Information Sharing Agreement, found under Forms on this page.
  4. Submit an application on your customer's behalf.


Find the EV Fleet application, plus other forms and program information below.

The EV Fleet program deals closely with electric vehicle OEMs and deals to increase the ability to sell electric vehicles.

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Download the EV Fleet OEM Acknowledgment (PDF, 153 KB)

EV Fleet forms and documents

Download the following:

Submit an application

Once you complete an Electric Vehicle Customer Information Sharing Agreement (above), submit an application on your customer's behalf.

Submit an application


Calculate costs and incentives