Connect with PG&E local partnership networks

PG&E partners with local and regional organizations to bring you advice, resources and services. Together, we can help you start or grow your business.

Find a partnership and get started

Our network of economic development experts can help you grow your business with the following support:

  • Selecting the right location for your business
  • Evaluating real estate costs, availability, fees and taxes
  • Finding money-saving business solutions
  • Determining your transportation infrastructure
  • Establishing communication networks
  • Answering questions about labor costs and supplies


With over 50 local, regional and statewide economic development organizations, it’s easy to find a partnership near your business. Follow these steps:


  1. Use the map below as a guide for our regional boundaries. Then expand an expand/collapse section to view participating partnerships.
  2. Get partnership details, including website, phone and email contact information.
  3. Call or email a partnership to join.

use this map as a guide for our regional boundaries

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Contact us

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