Get tips on connecting renewable energy systems

Our resources and guidelines for beginner solar contractors and installers help you connect your renewable energy system to our energy grid.



Get started with Interconnection

Our overview has information on how to obtain a listing as a solar contractor, find approved equipment and help prepare a home or business for Interconnection. You can use the overview as a reference for all the Interconnection process steps and as a resource for additional information.

Visit Interconnections Overview for Beginners


Learn the language

View a glossary of interconnection terms.

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Put safety first

Learn more about installation safety. Visit the California Energy Commission's (CEC) Solar and Fire Safety page.


Learn about installing a solar hot water system

The process of installing a solar hot water system differs from installing other renewable energy systems. Learn about the following topics:

  • Installing a solar water heating system
  • How to help customers become more energy efficient
  • How to apply for incentives

Visit Solar Water Heating Contractor Basics


Understanding California-Mandated, Priority Loading Order: An Energy Action Plan

The following actions make up the energy action plan:

  • Energy conservation. Change habits to reduce energy use.
  • Energy efficiency. Make property and appliances more efficient.
  • Renewable energy. Generate energy from sources like solar and wind.
  • Carbon reduction. Reduce the impact on climate change.