Virtual Net Energy Metering (NEMV)

There are various types of Virtual Net Energy Metering (NEMV) programs, including standard NEMV, NEMVMASH for the multifamily low-income solar program and NEMV for other renewable generators, aside from solar. This page is focused on standard NEMV.


NEMV allows a building with multiple meters that are individually metered to use renewable generation (e.g. solar panels) to receive bill credits to offset each benefiting account bill. The generation meter monitors the amount of total solar generation, while separate meters monitor each unit and common area's energy consumption. Units within the building and common areas are allocated a percentage of the solar-generated electricity as predetermined by the building owner or manager.



Criteria for NEMV includes:

  • The maximum generator size is 1 megawatt (MW).
  • All benefiting meters must be on the same service delivery point (SDP) as the renewable generating meter.
  • The building must have service through PG&E.
  • A customer can only have one generating account.
  • The benefiting meter must not participate in another NEM (NEMA, NEMV, NEMVMASH, NEMMT, NEMFC) program or the RES-BCT program.
  • The generator has no load other than the renewable generating system.