Learn how to execute a new Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) when your old one expires

As a qualifying facility (QF), you sell your electricity to public utilities and generate about 25 percent of our energy supply. Deregulation allows QFs, like you, to choose the markets in which you sell the electricity you generate.


You must execute a new PPA and replace your current interconnection agreement with us, if:

  • Your current PPA is expiring.
  • You plan to sell power into additional or different markets.

The type of PPA you choose and whether you connect at the transmission level (60 kV and above) or distribution level (less than 60 kV), determines the type of interconnection agreement you sign with us.

This page explains the different types of interconnection agreements and the resources available to help you renew your agreement with us.

Our Generation Interconnection Services (GIS) offers free interconnection outreach, education and services. GIS helps customers manage the process.

PLEASE NOTE: The renewal process can be lengthy, so we recommend that you begin the required steps at least six months before your current PPA expires.


Explore the Interconnection Agreement renewal process

Find out how to renew your agreement and get a list of the items that you must provide to us.

Download Wholesale Generation Interconnection Services Wholesale Qualifying Facilities Conversion (PDF, 158 KB)


Understand your Interconnection Agreement

Three types of agreements detail the terms of your interconnection with PG&E:


  • A California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Tariff Agreement.
  • A rule 21 agreement.
  • A wholesale distribution tariff (WDT) Agreement.


Interconnect with a CAISO tariff agreement

Following are guidelines for a CAISO tariff agreement:



Interconnect with a Rule 21 Agreement

Following are guidelines for a Rule 21 Tariff Agreement:



Interconnect with a WDT agreement

Following are guidelines for a WDT tariff agreement: