ReMAT Feed-in Tariff (Senate Bill 32)



PG&E's Electric-Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff (E-ReMAT) became effective on July 24, 2013. E-ReMAT was established by CPUC Decisions (D.) 12-05-035 (PDF, 407 KB) and (D.) 13-05-034 (PDF, 927 KB) to implement Senate Bill (SB) 32, which increased the statewide procurement renewable target from 500 MW to 750 MW (applicable to both investor owned utilities and public owned utilities) and increased the eligible project size from 1.5 MW to 3 MW (AC). PG&E began accepting Program Participation Requests (PPRs) on October 2, 2013. The first ReMAT Program Period commenced on November 1, 2013.


UPDATE: PG&E updated TOD factors in Appendix C of the PPA. New TODs will be utilized starting with Program Period 15 (March 1, 2016).

*For further information, please visit the Announcements tab of our ReMAT Feed-in Tariff platform.

Tariff & PPA


ReMAT Capacity Allocation, Categories & Pricing Overview

Per D. 12-05-035, PG&E was allocated 218.8 MW of the 750 MW total statewide goal. This capacity allocation, reduced by capacity contracted for under the E-PWF and E-SRG tariffs, was made available under the E-ReMAT Tariff. The Effective Date was July 24, 2013. There are three Product Types: As-Available Peaking, As-Available Non-Peaking, and Baseload. The Contract Price for all three Product Types began at $89.23/MWh in Program Period 1, which commenced on November 1, 2013. The Contract price for each Product Type adjusts independently, based on market subscription in that Product Type, in each bi-monthly Program Period. The ReMAT pricing mechanism is described in Section H of the E-ReMAT Tariff.

Program Period Information

Current and historical Program Period information can be found on PG&E's ReMAT online platform (powered by Accion Group) under Program Documents here: ReMAT Feed-in Tariff platform. Such information includes ReMAT pricing, remaining program capacity, queue information, and a list of PPAs awarded (10-day report).


To learn about eligibility requirements, pricing, terms and the application process, please refer to PG&E’s E-ReMAT Tariff and ReMAT Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and PG&E’s ReMAT webinar presentations on this webpage.

How to Apply

To apply for the ReMAT program, you must register as an Applicant on PG&E’s ReMAT online platform (powered by Accion Group) and submit a PPR here: ReMAT Feed-in Tariff platform. Program materials, instruction guides and more are available to non-registered visitors of the site under the Program Documents tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download: ReMAT FAQs (PDF, 141 KB)

Interconnection Information

For information on the interconnection process, please visit Wholesale Electric Generator Distribution Interconnection (EGI). Here you can find Fast Track and Independent/Cluster Study interconnection process overviews, FAQs, and a link to the EGI’s online application form. Interested applicants can apply to interconnect through the Wholesale Distribution Tariff (WDT) or Electric Rule 21. Please review the website to determine which is best suited to your project. You may also send an email to EGI at for WDT or for Electric Rule 21 questions.

Contact Information

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