PG&E's 2019 Multi-Year Resource Adequacy (RA) Solicitation - Phase 2

PG&E is conducting Phase 2 of its 2019 Multi-Year Resource Adequacy (RA) Solicitation seeking bids for the sale (i.e., PG&E buys), purchase (i.e., PG&E sells), and purchase/sale (i.e., simultaneous PG&E buys/PG&E sells) of the following eligible RA and Import Allocation Rights (“IAR”) products with respect to the 2020 – 2022 delivery periods pursuant to a confirmation, as described in the Solicitation Protocol linked below. 

The Solicitation complies with Appendix S - Sales Framework of PG&E's Conformed Bundled Procurement Plan (BPP). 

Targeted Schedule

All times are in Pacific Prevailing Time (PPT). All days are in business days.

All times are in Pacific Prevailing Time (PPT). All days are in business days.


PG&E issues Phase 2 of Solicitation 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Participants' Webinar

Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 10 AM

Bids Due. Bid(s) must be submitted to Power Advocate.

Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 1 PM

PG&E notifies Participants of shortlist status

Monday, October 14, 2019 by COB

Deadline for notified shortlisted Participants to (1) accept shortlist status, (2) confirm final volumes, and (3) provide partially executed Confirmation(s)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 by COB

Target Execution of Phase 2 RA Confirmations

Friday, October 18, 2019 by COB

Power Advocate Instructions and Registration

All Paritcipants interested in submitting a bid package will need to pre-register with Power Advocate before submitting a bid into the solicitation using the link below:

Phase 2: (Bid Event: 97032)

Power Advocate Instructions 
Power Advocate Instructions (PDF, 248 KB)

Solicitation Protocol, EEI Master Agreement Confirmation, and Bid Form - Phase 2

PG&E Protocol for Phase 2 of the 2019 Multi-Year Resource Adequacy (RA) Solicitation (PDF, 282 KB) 

Appendix A1 - RA Confirmation - PG&E Buys RA (DOC, 87 KB) 

Appendix A2 - RA Confirmation - PG&E Sells RA (DOC, 88 KB)

Appendix A3 - RA Confirmation - PG&E Sells Import Allocation Rights (DOC, 43 KB)

Appendix B - RA Bid Form (XLSB, 356 KB)

Appendix C - RA Confidentiality Agreement (PDF, 163 KB)

Appendix D - Documentation of Entity Legal Status from the California Secretary of State or Joint Powers Authority (DOC or PDF)
-Participant or end-user counterparty must demonstrate that it has an “Active” legal status authorized by the California Secretary of State in order to engage in business with PG&E. A webpage screenshot verifying Participant or end-user counterparty’s “Active” legal status via the California Secretary of State’s webpage is acceptable. The California Secretary of State website is located at Note, a Joint Powers Authority ("JPA") is also acceptable. Participants do not need to resubmit an Appendix D for Phase 2 if it was already provided in the Bid Submittal Package for Phase 1. 


PG&E will make available questions and answers that come through the solicitation mailbox ( publicly through the linked document below.

Q&A for Phase 2 (PDF, 83 KB) (Updated 9/20/2019)

Participants' Webinar

PG&E will host a Participants' Webinar for Phase 2 of its 2019 Multi-Year RA Solicitation. See below for details.

Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (PPT)

Webcast info:

Please note that for optimal viewing, it is best not to use VPN, but instead to connect directly to the Internet. Please disable your pop-up blockers in order to view the content in its entirety. This event is being streamed. It is recommended that you listen via your computer speakers. 

Additional options for audio listening: Toll-Free Attendee Dial In: 866-294-4341 Conference ID: 7174427

The presentation of this event and audio file will be available shortly after the event. See below.

Phase 2: 2019 Mutli-Year RA Solicitation - Participants' Webinar Presentation for Phase 2 (PDF, 1,762 KB) (Updated 9/20/2019)

Phase 2: Audio File of the 2019 Mutli-Year RA Solicitation - Participants' Webinar for Phase 2 (MP3, 7,011 KB) (Updated 9/20/2019)

Phase 1 - Solicitation Materials (Reference-Only)

Phase 1 of PG&E's 2019 Multi-Year RA Sale Solicitation is no longer active. For reference-only, the Solicitation Materials for Phase 1 can be found below. Note, these materials are not applicable for Phase 2 of the Solicitation.

PG&E Protocol for the 2019 Multi-Year Resource Adequacy (RA) Sale Solicitation (PDF, 288 KB) 

Appendix A - RA Confirmation (DOC, 83 KB) 

Appendix B - RA Bid Form (XLSB, 386 KB)

Appendix C - RA Confidentiality Agreement (PDF, 101 KB)

Q&A for Phase 1 (PDF, 122 KB) 

2019 Mutli-Year RA Sale - Participants' Webinar Presentation for Phase 1 (PDF, 875 KB)

Audio File of the 2019 Mutli-Year RA Sale - Participants' Webinar for Phase 1 (MP3, 6,420 KB)

Important Note: It was brought to PG&E's attention that the Q&A portion of the Participants' Webinar for Phase 1 was cut-off during the webcast and the recording. Please see the Q&A for Phase 1 Document above to review the questions and answers provided during that time. 

Pre-Issuance Participants' Conference - Presentation Materials

PG&E hosted a Pre-Issuance Participants' Conference for the 2019 Multi-Year RA Sale Solicitation on Monday, June 17th at 1:00 PM (PPT). This conference provided an overview for the upcoming 2019 Multi-Year RA Solicitation. PG&E also seeked input from participants that will help shape the 2019 Multi-Year RA Sale Solicitation. 

Contact Information

For information or questions about the 2019 Multi-Year RA Sale Solicitation, email with a copy to the Independent Evaluator, Charles Janecek at  

To receive notices about this solicitation and to be added to PG&E's RFO Distribution List, visit Distribution List Form