Learn about our Electric Fuels Program

The PG&E Electric Fuels department manages gas supply and gas price risk for our electric portfolio. We purchase and sell the following products and services:


  • Natural gas
  • Gas financial products
  • Gas transportation
  • Gas storage services

Continue reading to learn about our products and markets, find contact information and understand how we encourage supplier diversity.


Understand the gas supply process

We buy and sell gas supplies in Canada and the western United States. Supplies are transported for use in our electric generation facilities. We use natural gas storage facilities. Gas price risk is managed by using many different gas financial products.


Become a PG&E gas supplier

To become a supplier, you must meet PG&E credit requirements and initiate a contract with our contract administrator. Suppliers who are new to the California market can call one of our managers for information and assistance.

View gas supplier contact information

Use the following information to contact us about becoming a PG&E gas supplier.

Use the following information to contact us about becoming a PG&E gas supplier.

Contact name Phone numberAIM contact


Peter Koszalka



Michael Kowalewski


Gas Scheduling

Lee Askim


Gas Trading

Mark Muranishi



Charlotte Baxter


Gas Trading

Felipe Ibarra


Financial Trading

John Ulloa


Physical Gas Trading

Kevin DeRoberts


To contact us by mail, use the following address:

Post Office Box 770000

Mail Code B25F

San francisco, California 94177


For courier services, use the following street address:

77 Beale Street

Mail Code B25F

San Francisco,California 94105

FAX: 415-973-0400


Learn about our Supplier Diversity Program

PG&E is committed to diversity. Our Supplier Diversity Program provides important opportunities for the following certified enterprises that offer competitive prices and services:


  • Woman-owned enterprises
  • Minority-owned enterprises
  • Lesbian, gay bisexual or transgender (LGBT)-owned enterprises
  • Disabled veteran-owned enterprises

Find important information and learn how to become a PG&E Certified Diversity Supplier.

Visit Become a PG&E Certified Diversity Supplier
Visit Supply Chain Responsibility

You can also contact our contract administrator with questions about certificate applications.


Following are links to certification websites.


Participate as a PG&E certified Woman, Minority or LGBT- owned Business Enterprise

To participate as a Woman-, Minority- and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender-owned Business Enterprises (WBE, MBE, LGBTBE) Diverse Supplier located in California, your company must be certified by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Supplier Clearinghouse.

Visit The Supplier Clearinghouse


Participate as a PG&E Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise (DVBE)

To participate as a Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise located in California, your company must be certified by Cal eProcure.

Visit Cal eProcure


Get general information on our WMDVBE purchasing and contracting programs on our website.

Visit Supply Chain Responsibility