PG&E will issue a series of solicitations for energy efficiency (EE) programs proposed, designed and implemented by third parties as part of a new statewide model for EE program delivery required in the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Decision [D] 15-10-028.

DOWNLOAD CPUC [D] 15-10-028 (PDF, 5 MB)

As part of this new model, PG&E will be the Portfolio Administrator and establish a new rolling portfolio of EE programs extending through 2022. The scope of these solicitations will cover procurement of programs serving all existing and future PG&E customer sectors and markets.

PG&E developed an EE Business Plan to help navigate this period of transition. The EE Business Plan outlines our approach and strategy to deliver on EE goals through 2025.


Solicitations announcements

This page is the main source for all EE solicitations announcements and associated bid package information. Under Solicitations Schedule, below, you’ll find a broad overview schedule that will be updated as needed. Under Open Solicitations, find specific solicitation event information such as bid packages, important dates and meetings. That’s also where you’ll find access to PowerAdvocate, the platform PG&E uses to manage bids.

Specific solicitations questions? Please communicate through PowerAdvocate.
General energy efficiency solicitations questions? Email PG&E’s solicitations team.

Schedule of Upcoming Solicitations


IOU Schedules are updated at a minimum on a quarterly basis. Please note that each solicitation schedule may vary and is subject to change.
PG&E's solicitation schedule was updated on August 1, 2020


Statewide Programs: WE&T Career Connections

The WE&T Career Connections RFA is targeted to increase knowledge of energy/sustainability fundamentals and awareness of career opportunities among K-12 students.

Statewide Programs: WE&T Career and Workforce Readiness

The WE&T Career and Workforce Readiness RFA prepares Disadvantaged Workers to enter the EE workforce and to place program participants into energy efficiency jobs.

Statewide State of California RFA

The Statewide State of California RFA is seeking third-party energy efficiency proposals to procure programs that deliver immediate energy savings and carbon emissions reductions for facitilites owned and operated by California State Agencies, including the Executive and Judicial Branches.

Local Government Partnership (LGP) RFA

The LGP RFA is a targeted solicitation for non-resource LGP Programs.

Statewide Codes and Standards RFP

The Codes and Standards RFP is seeking third-party implemented Codes and Standards activities supporting Appliance Standards.

Statewide New Construction RFA

This single RFA covers both non-residential and residential Statewide New Construction programs.

Local Multi-Sector RFA

[insert short description]

Independent Evaluator RFP

[insert description]

Specific solicitations questions? Please check the "Open Solicitations" tab. General energy efficiency solicitations questions? Email PG&E's solicitations team.

PG&E continues to create relevant training sessions to educate third-party vendors about the energy efficiency solicitation process and various energy efficiency platforms.

"Integration of Demand Response Controls into Energy Efficient Retrofits Webinar"

On June 3rd, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) hosted a webinar sharing concepts and finding that are reflected in the Energy Efficiency Business Plan Decision (D.18-05-041) Section 2.4.2, regarding the integration of demand response controls into energy efficiency retrofits. This decision is called for third-party approaches to a limited integration of demand response (DR) lighting and HVAC controls in small, medium, and large commercial buildings, as well as DR for HVAC controls in residences, the latter specifically to support the residential transition to time-of-use rates. The decision dedication some $23 million per year statewide to support these DR control integration efforts. The presentation of this event along with the recording of the event is available below.

Download EE-DR Integration LBNL Briefing Presentation (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Visit EE-DR Integration LBNL Briefing Recording

Download EE-DR Integration LBNL Briefing Transcript (PDF, 259 KB)

Other training materials

Download PG&E Energy Efficiency Platforms Training (PDF, 9.6 MB)

Specific solicitations questions? Please communicate through PowerAdvocate.
General energy efficiency solicitations questions? Email PG&E's solicitations team.