Discover how we help build and support sustainable communities

Take advantage of our range of incentives, tools and technical aid to help build and support sustainable communities. You can find out more about these resources by contacting Business Customer Service.


Understand how we partner with local governments

Our Energy Watch Partnerships Program creates close working relationships with partners. Through the program, we support local governments with developing and implementing energy management plans for their facilities.


Learn how we improve access to the community

Energy Watch Partnerships provide central access to PG&E's wide array of energy-efficiency programs. The programs serve single- and multi-family residents and small businesses.

Most Energy Watch Partnerships work directly with the community. The partnerships provide energy analyses to residential and small-business customers. The partners can also install energy-efficient equipment for qualifying customers.


Discover our pilot program

We're developing a pilot program that provides energy-efficiency equipment to moderate-income residents. One goal of the program is to improve service to our residential customers. The program will be introduced with select Energy Watch Partnerships. It will expand to additional partnerships over the coming year.


Learn how we inspire community action

By partnering with PG&E, local government agencies show their commitment to producing measurable results. In addition, these efforts can prompt communities to get involved.


Examples of Energy Watch Partnership goals are:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increasing renewable energy usage.
  • Protecting air quality.
  • Creating jobs.
  • Building a more sustainable community.


Take advantage of free educational resources

We offer workshops and training to help you stay current on trends and technologies, and remain competitive. The education can also help you reach your energy goals.


Let us help strengthen your marketing program

Learn to market more effectively by using customer data and research to segment and target your audience. For more information, contact your PG&E Energy Watch partners at 1-800-468-4743 Monday through Friday.