4 Technology Solutions Every Growing Business Needs to Consider

4 Technology Solutions Every Growing Business Needs to Consider

Every startup needs an idea. That’s a given. A few other table stakes for growing your business include drive, commitment, smarts and startup funds.

At a minimum there are also basic technology needs such as a mobile device, a data plan, broadband Internet connectivity and an online presence of some kind. However, small business growth and success may require a few more technological upgrades.

That’s according to Trey Smith, president and CEO of a next-generation telecommunications company and consultancy that specializes in both domestic and international unified communications solutions for the enterprise using a cloud-based environment.

“It’s a great time to launch a business because of the incredible functionality and scale that Internet-based solutions and software provide to cost-conscious entrepreneurs at a fraction of the price from just a few years ago,” said Smith.

1. Laptop-based softphone software
One option that Smith recommends for small and medium-sized businesses with more than one location is software that when loaded onto a laptop enables it to work as a traditional phone. This software is known as a softphone application.

Smith said this type of virtual solution replaces pricy, multiline telephone units while providing the same functionality at low or no cost.

“This is a great way for growing organizations, which are already deploying laptops to employees, to also deploy the softphone application on those computers as well,” he said. “This allows for fast scaling of the business with an elegant solution that combines both voice and data for employees.”

2. Automated call attendant
While a mobile device or smartphone is a mandatory tool for success, Smith suggests using an automated call attendant to provide greater customer service if your startup is growing but understaffed.

“When a mobile device is dialed, it’s either answered or the call goes to voicemail,” he said. “However, a busy business owner or entrepreneur may choose to answer calls with an auto attendant or interactive voice response software that automatically offers a variety of choices to the caller. This cost-effective option provides understaffed startups with efficient call flow handling as well as a perception of scale.” .

3. Toll-free dialing to your mobile phone
Smith said another relatively easy and inexpensive technology to implement is offering customers a toll-free number that connects directly to your mobile phone.

“New business owners rarely consider toll-free numbers that dial directly to their mobile device as an option,” he said. “However, it’s a great way to create a positive first impression while offering enhanced value and service to potential customers.”

4. Skype for Business
For owners who prefer video conferencing, Smith said one of the best low-cost options is Skype for Business. It’s basically the familiar Microsoft Skype app on steroids, on your desktop.

“Because Skype is a Microsoft product, it’s automatically integrated with the MS Office Suite as well as its Outlook email product. So when a meeting is set up via Skype for Business, recipients get a hyperlink that’s fully enabled for voice, video and desktop sharing,” he said. “It’s powerful, inexpensive and simple to use.”

As entrepreneurs turn to brick-and-mortar locations, they may believe that a modern, green space is out of their price range. However, just as these four tools have been identified for cost savings and promoting effective employees, sustainable solutions exist to save a new business owner money and drive many other benefits. Download Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s eBook, "20 Sustainable Products Businesses Need."

This article was originally published on: Entrepreneur


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4 Technology Solutions Every Growing Business Needs to Consider

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