Falcon Cam Chicks

The Chicks Have Hatched!

Get a real-time look at the newest members of the peregrine falcon family nesting on our rooftop.

Kids in Pool

Upgrade Pool Pump, Get $100

Buy a new pool pump or motor and get a $100 rebate. An energy-efficient pump can save you up to $1,000 annually.


Save 30% or More on Your Bill

It's easy to sign up for CARE, the California Alternate Rates for Energy Program.

Find Out About the Latest Scams

Find Out About the Latest Scams

Be alert for suspicious emails and phone calls that request your personal or financial information and appear to come from PG&E. We will never send you an email or call you with such a request.

Login online

It's Simple to Manage Your Account Online

Do it all at from your computer or mobile device. From reviewing and paying your bill, to setting up outage alerts and appointments, it’s simple and convenient to do key tasks online. Look for new, time-saving features coming soon!

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Connect With Us and Stay Current

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