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Discover new ways to improve production, lower costs and save energy while meeting your sustainability goals.

Our proven experience in helping industrial companies, along with our industrial and manufacturing products and solutions can:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by lowering energy use
  • Increase production and reduce maintenance costs
  • Retrofit existing equipment to optimize processes

Find the right solutions for your industrial business

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Variable frequency drives for process fans or blowers

  • Reduce maintenance and energy
  • Modulate motor speed to match fan requirements
  • Deliver the exact pressure and flow for specific applications
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Custom solutions for industrial businesses


Discover energy efficiency programs for industrial facilities

Following are programs designed to increase energy efficiency in industrial businesses.

Heavy Industry Energy Efficiency

Learn about our Heavy Industry Energy Efficiency Program

Qualify for cash incentives when you implement major process-oriented and other energy-efficiency upgrades. Reduce energy usage, operations and maintenance costs for manufacturing facilities.

Oil and Gas Production Program

Learn about our Energy Efficiency Services for Oil and Gas Production Program

This program offers audits and financial incentives for optimizing energy efficiency on - wells, extraction equipment, surface transport (from wells to water separation and treatment facilities), field augmentation, water steam and gas injection, water separation and treatment and oil storage.

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