PG&E has reached the 2,409 MW NEM Cap under the NEM tariff.1 The NEM, NEMV, and NEMVMASH (collectively "NEM1") programs are now closed to new customers. PG&E will submit an Advice Letter with the final program numbers no later than 30 days from December 15, 2016, the date on which the NEM Cap was reached.2

All new NEM Applications will be processed under the NEM Successor Tariff programs, NEM2, NEM2V and NEM2VMSH,3 which are available immediately.

All pending NEM, NEMV and NEMVMASH Applications submitted using either Application Form 79-1151B or through the Rule 21 online application Form 79-1174, received on or before December 15, 2016, 11:59 p.m. that did not meet the definition of a completed NEM application as described in the FAQs will be converted to the corresponding NEM2, NEM2V or NEM2VMSH Application, subject to the following conditions:

  1. An existing Application remains active without requiring a new NEM2, NEM2V, or NEM2VMSH Application to be submitted.
  2. A Customer-signed NEM2, NEM2V, or NEM2VMSH Interconnection Agreement must be submitted even if a signed NEM, NEMV, or NEMVMASH Interconnection Agreement has already been submitted.

For these pending Applications, the application fee of $145 normally required under the NEM successor programs will be waived . Their designated contacts for these Applications will hear from PG&E on the status of pending Applications in the coming days.

Customers that submitted only a Customer-signed NEM Interconnection Agreement and Authorization Form 79-1151A without its corresponding Application Form 79-1151B, received on or before December 15, 2016, 11:59 p.m., will be required to submit a new Customer-signed NEM2 Interconnection Agreement and Authorization Form and NEM Application under the NEM Successor Tariff program and be required to fulfill all of its requirements, including payment of the application fee of $145.

Customers with completed applications (as described in the FAQ below) or those already taking service under the NEM, NEMV, or NEMVMASH tariff can remain on the these programs for 20 years from the date of their original interconnection authorization, as explained in the NEM Transition Provisions of the NEM tariff. The NEM Transition Provisions in the NEM tariff also discuss whether upgrades and modifications to existing systems affect NEM, NEMV or NEMVMASH status.

1 The cap is reached because the amount of NEM-eligible megawatt generation exceeds the NEM 5% Program Limit capacity in PG&E's service territory.
2 Pursuant to Decision 16-06-040 Ordering Paragraph 5.
3 NEM2 is authorized by Public Utilities Code § 2827.1, and implemented by Decision 16-01-044 (NEM successor tariff).

To apply for interconnection on the NEM successor (NEM2) tariff

System SizeProgramsHow to Apply

≤ 30 kw

NEMS (solar/wind Systems ≤ 30 kw)

≤ 30 kw

Modifications to previously approved NEMS systems (solar/wind Systems ≤ 30 kw)

> 30 kW
Including > 1MW

NEM2A (Aggregation)
NEMMT (multiple tariff)

To request a Pre-Application report

PG&E recommends requesting a pre-application before submitting an interconnection application. For more information, download PG&E’s Pre-Application Report Request (PDF, 113 KB).

Find questions regarding NEM1 eligibility below

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the NEM2 program

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