general emergency iconIMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning June 22, 2020 , all applicants with inverter-based technologies submitting new interconnection requests under PG&E’s Rule 21 tariff will be required to comply with additional Smart Inverter functions per Rule 21, Section Hh. Additional Functions effective June 22, 2020 Phase II (Communications) Phase III (Advanced) - Functions 1, 2, 3 and 8. Existing Functions remain effective - Phase I (Autonomous) and Phase III (Advanced) – Functions 5 and 6.

All new NEM applications will be processed under the NEM Successor Tariff programs, NEM2, NEM2V and NEM2VMSH. Review the information below for more information about the NEM2 program.

If you have questions about your existing NEM1 system, review the frequently asked questions about NEM1.

To apply for interconnection on the NEM successor (NEM2) tariff

System SizeProgramsHow to Apply

≤ 30 kw

NEMS (solar/wind Systems ≤ 30 kw)

≤ 30 kw

Modifications to previously approved NEMS systems (solar/wind Systems ≤ 30 kw)

> 30 kW
Including > 1MW

NEM2A (Aggregation)
NEMMT (multiple tariff)

Note: Potential delays anticipated for some “new business” customer projects. PG&E is conducting accelerated safety inspections of electric infrastructure. This includes upgrading and strengthening our electric system in the highest fire-risk areas. As a result, interconnection projects requiring design, construction, or inspection through Service Planning may experience delays. Please contact the Electric Grid Interconnection (EGI) lead assigned to your project if you have additional questions.

Manufacturer Attestation for Inverter Functions 1 and 8

For inverter manufacturers submitting an Attestation for Inverter Functions 1 and 8 to the CEC, download this form and follow the directions on the CEC website.

Download PG&E’s Manufacturer Attestation for Inverter Functions 1 and 8 (PDF, 174 KB)

Consumer Protection Requirements

California Solar Consumer Protection Guide

CPUC Public List of Non-Compliant Solar Providers (

Summary of Standardized Inputs and Assumptions, Attachment A, and Attachment B July 11, 2019, Pursuant to Assembly Bill 1070 (2017, Gonzales Flectcher) (PDF, 882 KB)

NEM Customers Participating in NEMEXP or NEMMT: Form 79-1215 Net Energy Metering Application Addendum (as of 12/17/2021)

Starting December 17, 2021, CPUC Decision 21-06-026 requires customers subject to consumer protection regulations to provide information for CPUC regulatory and enforcement purposes, such as Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) registration number (if applicable) and Financing information. If you are participating in NEMEXP or NEMMT, please fill out Form 79-1215, NET ENERGY METERING APPLICATION ADDENDUM, and upload the document in the YourProjects document upload page.

To request a Pre-Application report


PG&E recommends requesting a pre-application before submitting an interconnection application. For more information, download PG&E’s Pre-Application Report Request (PDF, 113 KB).


Electing the Cost Envelope Option


To learn more about electing the Cost Envelope Option during the interconnection process, download PG&E’s Generator Interconnection Cost Envelope Option (PDF, 249 KB)

Additional Rule 21 Interconnection Information can be found Here

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the NEM2 program

Frequently asked questions about NEM1