A conversation on California's clean energy future

California is leading the country in the field of clean and renewable energy. At PG&E, we know the future of energy is changing, and we’re changing with it. Over the coming months, we’re publishing a series of newspaper columns authored by our leaders including Tony Earley, Chairman; Geisha Williams, President, Electric; and Nick Stavropoulos, President, Gas. The goal of this series is to share details about some of the innovative initiatives we are undertaking to transform our energy infrastructure for the future.

Leadership columns

Read opinion columns by members of PG&E's leadership team

Building a better electric grid, for a better California

What would you think if someone told you there was a machine that could deliver limitless amounts of clean energy to everyone, while also taking in new supplies from anywhere?

Innovating through partnerships for a clean energy future

It’s a story we all know well: the lone inventor toiling and tinkering away in isolation until one day, like lightning, genius strikes and a great breakthrough is born.

California’s big bright renewable future

It’s no secret that renewable energy is on the rise across America, and California is leading the way—with astonishing speed.

Facing California's climate future, from a forgotten past

Picture a California pounded by never-ending rains of biblical strength. Our deserts submerged four feet deep. Entire towns washed away. One in every eight homes destroyed. A death toll in the thousands.

A message to our customers

As a new administration prepares to take office in Washington, D.C., the future of federal policy on clean energy and climate issues is clouded by questions.

A jump-start for clean transportation

After a disappointing 2015, when cheap gasoline drove electric vehicle sales into the slow lane, this year’s market started with a roar.

Providing veterans with a powerful path to a promising career

When heavy equipment operator Erick Varela answered his country’s call to serve with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq, he had ample reason to think he was risking his life—but not his career.

Building a bridge to California's energy future

How do we build a better California — with safe, clean, reliable and affordable energy? We do it together.

A decade of climate leadership

California has a well-earned reputation as a place where innovation and invention are key ingredients to the state's success.


We're in this together

In the first of a series of newspaper essays, PG&E Chairman and CEO Tony Earley describes his vision for California's clean energy future.

Generating cleaner power for California

California's utilities have made huge strides in finding new sources of clean energy. Yet given the scale of the challenge we face, such accomplishments are only a down payment.

Supporting customer solar

California leads the nation in solar capacity. Working together, we can integrate more solar energy into our power supply as we build a new energy ecosystem for the 21st century.

What's the cleanest energy? (You’ll be surprised)

California's leadership in energy efficiency has saved households more than $50 billion since the early 1970s. Yet ample room remains for even more gains.

From so last century to so this century

Building a modern, interactive electric grid is the key to expanding California’s economy and improving our quality of life, while reducing our carbon footprint.

Can we have too much of a good thing?

Ensuring that none of California's clean energy goes to waste will require storing excess electricity until we need it. The problem is how to do that.

Of bees, birds, and chillin' chinook: All in a sustainable day at PG&E

Utility companies are not usually thought of as environmental stewards. But the days when they could afford to act otherwise are long past.

A clean energy strategy that's working

California's track record proves how much progress is possible when we set bold policy goals that some say can't be met – and then find ways to do just that.

What the drought means for our energy future

We all understand how California’s drought threatens our economy and lifestyle. What many don't realize is that a perpetual water crisis also adds to our energy challenges.

Don't buy more energy

As crazy as it sounds, we're happy when customers use less of our product. In fact, we'll bend over backwards to help.

Bringing the electric vehicle back to the future

Worries about access to charging and limited battery range are deal-breakers for most would-be buyers. Until we eliminate that anxiety, California's vision of 1.5 million EVs will be a pipe dream.

Building a better California

How well we make the transition to a clean energy future will determine California's fate — not just in protecting the environment, but in preserving our prosperity.