Find ways to save on your bill using our tier pricing

Conserve energy and save costs through a better understanding of how our rate tiers work.

Tiered Rate Plan

PG&E's Tiered Rate Plan

The Tiered Rate Plan has three pricing tiers. As you use up the allotted electricity for each tier during your billing period, you move to the next, higher priced tier.

To save on your bill, you must conserve energy to stay on lower priced tiers for as long as possible. Learn more about tiers.

Energy Alerts

Energy Alerts

The Energy Alerts program will let you stay on top of energy bills by allowing you to set a monthly bill alert amount of your choice. When your bill is projected to exceed your set amount you will be notified by email, text or phone.

How tiers work

Tier 1: Each monthly billing period begins at the lowest price per kilowatt for your electric usage. Tiers are defined by usage amounts. Once you reach that allotted amount, you are moved into a higher priced tier.

Tier 2: Costs more than Tier 1 per kilowatt of electricity used.

Tier 3: This is the most expensive tier and is more than double the price of your Tier 1 electric costs.

Tier pricing starts low each billing period, then increases slightly for the following tiers

Determine Your Baseline Allowance

PLEASE NOTE: This chart represents an above average usage customer. The length of time in each tier depends on monthly energy usage.

SmartRate™ Add-on

Save with the SmartRate™ Add-on

The SmartRate Add-on is available with the Tiered Plan and Time-of-Use (TOU) Base Plan. The Add-on discounts your summer rate in exchange for a higher rate from 2 to 7 p.m., on up to 15 SmartDays, from May through October. Find out more about the SmartRate Add-on.

Time-of-Use Plan

Gain control with the Time-of-Use Plan

Time-of-Use is an alternative to the Tiered Base Plan. Pricing varies depending on when you use power during the day, week and season. This type of pricing puts you in control. View the Time-of-Use Plan.