PG&E’s Tiered Rate Plan (E-1)

This rate plan has two pricing levels, known as “tiers,” which are based on how much energy you use.

Tier pricing starts low each billing period, then increases slightly for the following tiers

PLEASE NOTE: This chart represents an above average usage customer. The length of time in each tier depends on monthly energy usage.

Download PG&E Residential Rate Plan Pricing (PDF, 105 KB)

Determine Your Baseline Allowance

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Explore rate options that could help you conserve energy and save

Save with the SmartRate™ Add-On

The SmartRate plan can help you save up to 20 percent on your summer energy bill. Receive a discount for reducing your energy use up to 15 days a year.

Take control with a Time-of-Use Plan

On Time-of-Use rate plans, pricing varies depending on when you use energy during the day, week and season.