Supply chain responsibility

Welcome to PG&E’s hub for supply chain responsibility. It includes information regarding our supplier diversity, environmental sustainability and ethical supplier conduct initiatives. Check out our Supply chain responsibility infographic (PDF, 578 KB)PDF. Opens in new Window. to see what we accomplished last year, and click on the tabs below to see how we are powering a better future for California.

Driving excellence through diversity

Supplier Diversity is all about recognizing the value diverse, small and local businesses bring to the service we provide. PG&E is committed to an inclusive supply chain. Diverse suppliers include small business enterprises (SBE) and enterprises owned by women (WBE), minorities (MBE), service-disabled veterans (DVBE), and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals (LGBTBE).

For decades, PG&E's Supplier Diversity Program has supported local economic vitality, innovation and excellence as well as enhanced the quality of service for our customers. We support the growth of small and diverse businesses by offering technical assistance training and sharing competitive opportunities for becoming part of our supply chain. Read our Supplier Diversity Economic Impact Report (PDF, 5.18 MB) to learn about our program's billions of dollars impact on local economic vitality.

As we look ahead to meet the challenges of an evolving industry, diverse suppliers are key to supporting our mission to deliver safe, reliable, affordable clean energy to our customers and communities. We are incredibly proud of our work in this area. It strengthens our supply chain with better business solutions, shapes stronger communities through economic development and helps build a better future for us all.

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Supply chain environmental sustainability


As dedicated environmental stewards, maintaining sustainable practices is an integral part of how PG&E selects and works with our supplier business partners. We hold our top suppliers to a high standard of environmental management. We track and evaluate their performance through regular reviews and an annual survey. We’ve been supporting supplier environmental responsibility and driving innovation for over a decade.


We all need to do our part


PG&E understands that a strong commitment to safety, compliance and ethics is the foundation of a successful business. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectation and commitment to work with suppliers who will:

  • Act ethically
  • Ensure safe and healthy working conditions
  • Treat workers and customers with respect
  • Maintain environmentally responsible and inclusive business practices
  • Report issues or concerns immediately to PG&E


Current suppliers


For existing suppliers, PG&E provides information and opportunities to:

  • Engage with small and diverse suppliers
  • Develop your own supplier diversity plan
  • Create your own environmental sustainability plan

We will also:

  • Help you understand our Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Locate and understand bid opportunities
  • Find local events, including Prime Supplier Academy workshops
  • Provide detailed resources including the Prime Supplier Program Guide


Become a supplier


Interested in becoming a PG&E supplier? We will:

  • Walk you through the process
  • Help you understand what to expect
  • Offer Technical Assistance Program trainings to support your competitive success
  • Help identify opportunities available to you

Learn more to make sure you’re able to complete all the necessary steps before you begin the process. You may want to expand your horizons and consider opportunities with PG&E prime suppliers working as a second- or third-tier supplier.


Bid opportunities

Interested in working with PG&E? Find available opportunities and learn how to apply.


Stay up to date with supplier events including networking opportunities and technical assistance workshops.


Find tools and resources to support business growth, supplier diversity, environmental sustainability, ethical supply chain practices and more.