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PG&E Appoints Jon Franke to Role as Vice President of Safety and Health

August 13, 2018
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — PG&E today announced that it has appointed Jon Franke to the role of Vice President of Safety and Health for the company, effective Sept. 1...

Tomorrow, (8/11), is the Easiest Day of the Year to Remember to Call 811 Before Any Digging Project

August 10, 2018
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Tomorrow, August 11, is National 811 "Call before you dig" Day, the easiest day of the year to remember the free one-call service. Pacific Gas and...

PG&E Supports Customers, Communities Impacted by California Wildfires

August 02, 2018
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced today an initial series of commitments totaling $250,000 to support wildfire response efforts across Northern and Central California. For...

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Solar Suitcases Provide Power for People Transitioning Out of Homelessness in Oakland

July 16, 2018— At the corner of 6th and Castro streets in Oakland, a small community of people are transitioning out of homelessness. They live in “community cabins,” 20 Tuff Sheds provided by the City of Oakland as simple, temporary housing.

PG&E Adds Weather Stations to Advance Forecasting Abilities, Better Predict Wildfires

July 16, 2018—As part of its Community Wildfire Safety Program, PG&E is building a network of weather stations to monitor and further advance its weather forecasting abilities to better predict where a wildfire could occur. The effort will help the company respond quickly and appropriately to help keep customers and communities safe.

PG&E Shares Videos in Five Languages on Time-of-Use and Medical Baseline Plans

July 10, 2018—PG&E recently unveiled new in-language videos that will help educate diverse communities on the new electric Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan. These animated videos also provide tips on how to successfully shift energy use to the times of day when costs are lower and ensure energy savings year-round.

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PG&E CEO Urges Bay Area Businesses to Help Communities Prepare for Climate Change

May 15, 2018 - Across California, climate change is forcing communities to prepare for a growing array of extreme conditions. The danger list reads like a formula for demonic plagues: persistent drought and flash floods; heat waves and wildfires; rising sea levels and land subsidence.

PG&E CEO: Energy Companies Are Critical Partners to Advancing Clean Transportation

May 09, 2018 - The market for electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S. continues to grow significantly, driven by a variety of factors including technology improvements, changing customer preferences, declining costs, and more. With one in five EVs in the U.S. plugging into PG&E’s grid and fueled by clean electricity, the company is dedicated to supporting EVs as a critical part of improving air quality and lowering greenhouse-gas emissions in California.

Vintage First Aid Kits Symbol of Safety Partnerships and Preparednes

February 07, 2018 - PG&E employees began first aid-training around 1910, which wasn’t uncommon for California-based companies following the devastating Great Earthquake of 1906. According to PG&E archivist Grace Eng, the destructive fires that followed the quake may have destroyed records showing training started at PG&E — even before 1910..

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