Take advantage of PG&E residential customer programs

We understand the challenges that drought conditions create. We offer several residential programs to help you in the following ways:

  • Save money through rebates.
  • Reduce water and energy consumption.
  • Get financial assistance.

Get free wood chips for mulching

Please reach out to your Local Fire Authority for guidance on maintaining a defensible space around your home and the appropriate use of this material in your area to determine if this program is right for you.

Spreading a 3- to 4-inch layer of wood mulch on soil reduces the amount of water plants and trees need. Mulch slows evaporation and improves soil quality. Mulch also keeps roots cooler and helps prevent weed growth. We use a mixture of different tree materials for our mulch, which we make while clearing and pruning trees from electric wires.

We deliver free wood mulch, in unspecified amounts up to 13 cubic yards to homes or businesses. The amount of mulch delivered is based on truck size and work conducted. For more information about our mulch, call 1-800-743-5000.

brown-mulch  green-mulch  mulch-dump

Explore financial assistance programs

We offer the following financial assistance programs to qualifying customers:

  • California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE). Qualifying households can receive significant monthly discounts on energy bills. Get more information about this program. Visit Save 30 percent* or More on Your PG&E Bill.
  • Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA). Income-qualified households of three or more people can receive a monthly discount on electric bills. Learn more about this program. Visit PG&E Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA).
  • Energy Savings Assistance (ESA). Income-qualified households can receive free energy-efficiency improvements, including weatherproofing, minor home repairs and select appliance repair or replacement. Get detailed information about this program. Visit Energy Savings Assistance Program.
  • Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help (REACH). Emergency energy assistance is available to low-income families. Learn about this program. Visit REACH (Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help).
  • Medical Baseline Allowance. Residential customers who are dependent on life-support equipment, or have special heating or cooling needs due to certain medical conditions, can receive additional energy at the lowest price. Get detailed information on this program. Visit Medical Baseline Allowance.
  • Budget Billing. Average your monthly energy costs over a 12-month period for a more consistent monthly energy bill and easier budgeting. Learn more about this plan. Visit Budget Billing.
  • Bill Guaranty. Give permission to another qualified PG&E customer to sign on your behalf. Get more information on this program. Visit Security Deposit Options for Residential Customers.
  • Payment Arrangement. Avoid service disconnection with flexible and convenient payments. Learn more about this offering through your My Account page. Visit Your Account.
  • Third-Party Notification. Allow a friend or relative to receive duplicate copies of past-due payment notices. The designated person is not responsible for paying the bill, but can contact us to help resolve a problem. Get additional information about this program. Visit Third-Party Notification.