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Why is my electric or gas bill so high?

Understand your bill, manage your usage and more

Get information about your usage, payments and more! All you need is the mobile phone linked to your PG&E account!


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Five ways to use the bot


The Bill Analyzer Bot is a new tool for PG&E customers. It is focused solely on the analysis of your PG&E bill.

  1. Understand your bill. Learn what uses most of your home’s energy.
  2. Manage your usage. Learn how to use less energy and save on your bill.
  3. Review your payment status.
  4. Review discounts and your enrollment status in financial assistance programs.
  5. Review an established payment plan.


The bot cannot analyze solar or business bills at this time.


If you are a solar, business or agriculture customer, please call us. A customer representative will help analyze your bill.


What will I need to use the Bill Analyzer Bot?


You’ll need:

  • The mobile number linked to your PG&E account
  • Your house number

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important notice icon Note: In time, the bot will be able to do more than analyze your bill. Check back soon.

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