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Regional Renewable Choice Fall 2023 RFO

Resources for renewable energy developers

Program Overview


The Regional Renewable Choice program, part of the Green Tariff Shared Renewables (GTSR) Program under Senate Bill 43, was created to expand access to renewable energy resources.  The program facilitates a way for institutional, commercial and individual customers to meet their electrical needs with generation from eligible renewable energy resources.


Get details about PG&E's Regional Renewable Choice by visiting Regional Renewable Choice.


If you are a renewable developer please visit PG&E's Solar Choice Program to learn more.


For more information on Senate Bill 43, established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in Decision 15-01-051 on February 2, 2015,  download the Decision Approving Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program for San Diego Gas & Electric Company, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Southern California Edison Company Pursuant to Senate Bill 43 (PDF). In addition, D.15-01-051 requires that PG&E's Regional Renewable Choice program seek Green-e Energy Certification from the Center for Resource Solutions.  The certification helps customers and businesses ensure that they're reducing the environmental impact of their electricity use. 


Get more details on Green-e Energy:

Visit Green-E


Subsequent decisions, D.16-05-006 (PDF) in May of 2016 and D.21-12-036 (PDF) in December of 2021, refined and modified the GTSR program and outlined solicitation launch dates for the investor-owned utilities. 


How the Program Works


The Regional Renewable Choice program allows customers to subscribe directly to renewable energy from specific newly developed generation projects sized from 0.5 to 20 MWs.  The transaction structure has 3 main components: 


  • Customer-Developer Agreement
  • Customer Energy Statement Credit
  • Power Purchase Agreement


Get more details on how the program works:
Visit How PG&E's Regional Renewable Choice program works (PDF)


Program Requirements for Developers


Developers must address these requirement areas: 


  • Marketing Materials
  • Community Interest
  • Green-e Energy


Get more details on Developer requirements:
Visit Program-specific Requirements for Developers (PDF)

Solicitation Materials


All solicitation documents can be accessed at the PowerAdvocate link given below.  There are twelve (12) documents:  


  • Fall 2023 RRC Protocol (PDF)
  • Appendix A - RRC Offer Form (XLSB)
  • Appendix B - Supplemental Project Information (DOCX)
  • Appendix C - RRC PPA (DOCX)
  • Appendix C.1 - RRC Rider and Amendment to PPA (DOCX)
  • Appendix C.2 - RRC Rider w/ DERP (DOCX)
  • Appendix D - Site Control Questionnaire and Attestation (DOCX) 
  • Appendix E - Acknowledgement and Commitment of Site Owner (DOCX)
  • Appendix F - Demonstration of Developer Experience (PDF)
  • Appendix G - FERC Order 717 Waiver (DOCX)
  • Appendix H - Safety Review Questionnaire (XLSX)
  • Appendix I - List of Eligible Environmental Justice Census Tracts (PDF)


Power Advocate Registration


All Participants will need to register with Power Advocate using the link below to submit a bid and accompanying documentation into the solicitation:




Participants' Webinar


PG&E hosted a joint Participants' Webinar with the Fall 2023 Solar Choice RFO to provide an overview of the Fall 2023 PG&E Regional Renewable Choice Solicitation on December 7, 2023.

Download a version of the webinar presentation deck here (PDF).

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For solar developer questions about our PG&E's Solar Choice program, email us at GTSRprocurement@pge.com.


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