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2024 Short-Term PCC 3 REC RFO

Resources for 2024 Short-Term Portfolio Content Category 3 (“PCC 3”) Renewable Energy Credit (“REC”) RFO



Pacific Gas and Electric ("PG&E") is issuing the 2024 Short-Term Portfolio Content Category (“PCC 3”) Renewable Energy Credit (“REC”) request for offers (“RFO”) to solicit offers from Participants to sell short-term PCC 3 RECs. PG&E is conducting this solicitation in compliance with California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) Decision ("D") 23-12-008.

PG&E will have no liability or responsibility to any Participant for any change in the schedule or for failing to provide notice of any change.

Solicitation Materials


Participants must meet the criteria established in PG&E's RFO Protocol in order to submit an offer. All required offer package documents are listed below. They can be downloaded and submitted on the Wood Mackenzie online platform linked below.


  • 2024 Short-Term PCC3 REC RFO Protocol (PDF)
  • Attachment A - Offer Form (XLSX)
  • Attachment B - Confidentiality Agreement (PDF)
  • Attachment C - EEI Agreement Confirmation (DOCS)
    • The EEI Agreement Confirmation used in this RFO is specific to transactions executed under an EEI Master Agreement with Collateral Annex and as such, Participants will need to have an EEI Master and Collateral Annex in place with PG&E prior to the execution of an Agreement in this Solicitation. Participants interested in establishing an EEI Master Agreement with PG&E should send an email to the Solicitation mailbox at RenewableRECs@pge.com with such request as soon as possible. To expedite processing, Participants who have an EEI Master Agreement with PG&E are encouraged to submit a copy of it with their solicitation materials.



Wood Mackenzie Registration


All participants will need to register with the Wood Mackenzie online platform to gain access to submit an offer into the RFO. 


Participants' Webinar


PG&E will host a Participants' Webinar on Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. PDT to provide an overview of the 2024 Short-Term PCC 3 REC RFO. Participants can register for the Participants’ Webinar through the following link:




The webinar recording and slides will be posted on the Wood Mackenzie online platform.


Contact Information


For information or questions about 2024 Short-Term PCC3 REC RFO, email RenewableRECs@pge.com with a copy to the Independent Evaluator, Lewis Hashimoto at arroyosecoconsulting@gmail.com.


To receive notices about this solicitation and to be added to PG&E's RFO Distribution List, visit the Distribution List Form.




If you encounter any digital or disability access issues, or you would like to provide PG&E with feedback or suggestions regarding such access, please email our team at solicitationaccessibility@pge.com. This mailbox is monitored during regular business hours (M-F; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). We will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

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