Finding Usage Information

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The scenario:  you're nominating for an end-use customer whose load has just increased for mid-summer production, but you don't know what volume of gas they're actually using at their facility. How can you find out?

California Gas Transmission's INSIDEtracc system contains usage information for end-use customers* that can help simplify your life. Usage information can be found in INSIDEtracc two ways: through the Usage navigation or by running reports.

Usage Navigation

To see the latest usage online for an end-use customer associated with your customer ID, navigate to the Usage, Query Usage screen. Fill in the parameter information and click the Query button.

Daily estimated usage for each day is displayed for the chosen end-use customer. Data that is shown in red and highlighted means the data is missing or incomplete at that time. Click the icon on the left for the day in question to view additional information for that day. There are two primary reasons the data may show up in red:

  1. The meter is an ECAT meter. Monthly data for ECAT meters is downloaded one time for the prior month, normally around the third of the following month. Once the download is complete, each day's usage for the prior month will be available for that meter.
  2. There are missing or incomplete reads for the meter. All meters should have 24 hours of reads each day. If there are less than 24 reads for a day, that information will be displayed in red and highlighted on the screen.

Usage Reports

Usage may also be seen in two separate INSIDEtracc reports:

  1. 400 Report: "Daily Gas Usage by Agent" - Provides gas usage information by end-use customer for prior gas days.
  2. Data is provided for a single day at a time. Information displayed for each end-use customer includes meter number, estimated therm factor, number of hourly reads and estimated usage.

  3. 405 Report: "Daily Gas Usage by Agent -- Monthly Summary" - Provides multiple days of gas usage information by end-use customer for a specified time period.
  4. This report displays only estimated usage data, but is provided for all end-use customers individually for each day of the month (or requested time period).

    One unique feature of the PDF and ROI report formats is that if there are fewer than 24 reads for a given end-use customer on a particular day, the data will have a box around it. Further research may be necessary to determine why data is missing.

*End-use customer information is only accessible by the agent for that end-use customer. All usage data shown in INSIDEtracc may be subject to adjustments and corrections prior to being used for billing, record keeping, OFOs or imbalance reporting.

Our CGT Account Services Representatives are available to help with any additional questions you may have.

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