e-Billing - Get It Now!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sign up to get your PG&E California Gas Transmission bill via e-mail each month. Your e-bill will look exactly like your current paper copy and will show up in your e-mailbox immediately when it's ready. You don't have to wait for the mail, make copies for others, or file and save paper copies.

E-billing is...

  • Secure and password protected
  • Instantaneous - you'll receive your bill as soon as it's generated, days before the paper copy
  • Easily sent to as many as five people you designate to receive it - at the same time
  • Green friendly - it reduces paper and saves trees
  • Free and super easy

To sign up for e-Billing, please complete PG&E's Electronic Billing Preliminary Information Form. You may complete this form online and send it via e-mail or fax to the contact information provided at the top of the form.

The preliminary information document will be used to populate an Electronic Billing Customer Agreement Form which will be sent to you for signature. Electronic Billing will commence after the signed Electronic Billing Customer Agreement is returned to CGT.

Questions regarding e-Billing? Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative at 1.800.343.4743 today.

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