CGT Strives to Satisfy Customers

Monday, November 06, 2006

California Gas Transmission strives to satisfy customers by continuously improving customer service. Each year initiatives are developed based on the feedback provided by customers during our daily interactions and from feedback provided in the annual customer satisfaction survey. In 2006, six initiatives were completed in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Providing More Information

CGT provides a great deal of information on the Pipe Ranger Web site. Based on our customers' suggestions, CGT posts the weekend on call contact information on the Pipe Ranger Web site home page at midnight each Thursday so it is always easy to find.

CGT has updated the Pipeline Operations Web page by highlighting the plan number and the time of publication. The pipeline operation information is updated five times a day, and occasionally conditions on the pipeline can change dramatically between plans. It is especially beneficial in the morning to distinguish between plan five and plan one.

The Total Customer Imbalance has been added to the pipeline information page. The Total Customer Imbalance is the sum of the daily imbalances for core and noncore customers. This measure is valuable because the Total Customer Imbalance indicates the extent to which the pipeline system is being packed or drafted by customers and can provide insight into the likelihood of an OFO.

In September, 2006 CGT launched a Credit Procedure Web page. This page outlines the steps for establishing credit and provides links to all the appropriate forms. As needed, this web page will evolve over time to assist our customers with credit questions.

Imbalance Trade Reminders

CGT now makes courtesy phone calls shortly before the monthly imbalance trade deadline to NBAA and CPBA holders that have a gas imbalance in excess of the monthly allowance. We remind customers of the imbalance trading deadline to assist customers in avoiding cash out charges.

Speedy 100 Report

CGT has taken great efforts to shave off the time it takes to release the 100 Report. Since the beginning of 2006, significant improvements have been made to meet or beat the NAESB deadlines currently in place for releasing pipeline information to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

CGT is committed to providing excellent customer service. We love to hear feedback from our customers and welcome your suggestions on how we can improve service to you. Please share your thoughts when you talk to our Scheduling, Account Services or Sales Representatives.