INSIDEtracc Evolves

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The California Gas Transmission nominating and contracting tool INSIDEtracc will soon be completely Web-based. The Web-based system will have the advantage of one logon screen instead of two, and printer issues related to Citrix servers will be a thing of the past.

INSIDEtracc users will see enhancements to Nominations, Imbalance Trading and Contracts/Credit Data screens. For example, there will be only one Manual Input screen and it will allow any source/destination combinations with any date ranges. The functions of "Import From Clipboard" and "Import From File" will be separated for ease of use.

The Replacement Query screen will be modified with "smart" rankings. Specifically, the ranking controlled by the Buyer may only be changed by the Buyer and the ranking controlled by the Seller may only be changed by the Seller. This screen will also be refreshed after changes are made to volume and/or rankings, an improvement over the current practice of exiting the screen.

Other advancements that come with the Web-based INSIDEtracc will include customer-viewable credit information and imbalance trading screen improvements.

CGT is currently working on these system modifications, with implementation planned for spring 2007. Pipe Ranger will post project updates over the next few months, including INSIDEtracc training session information.

If you have any questions, please contact a CGT representative at 1.800.343.4743.

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