CGT Posts Sulfur Information

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission has added sulfur information to its therm factor/gas quality page on Pipe Ranger. All of the gas in the PG&E system contains sulfur compounds that naturally occur in the gas, but CGT also adds sulfur compounds to odorize the gas.

CGT continuously monitors its gas stream for specific sulfur compounds at several points on its system as part of its program to ensure that the gas is properly odorized and that sulfur levels are within the limits listed in PG&E's gas Rule 21. PG&E tests for sulfur using the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard D 5504. CGT posts its sulfur estimate This link will open in a new window quarterly.

If you have any questions about the sulfur content of natural gas in the CGT system, please contact your CGT Account Services Representative.

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