Taking Action for Satisfaction

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Satisfaction Survey and Feedback

California Gas Transmission is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Our vision is to be the benchmark for top-notch customer service by making each customer interaction a productive, worthwhile and satisfying experience.

To measure our success in reaching that goal, each year CGT surveys a cross section of its customers to determine their level of satisfaction with CGT's products and services. Customer feedback is also gained from daily discussions on the phone, in e-mails and at customer meetings.

Satisfaction Actions

Each year CGT develops initiatives targeting areas for improvement based directly on customer feedback. The areas of focused improvement this year were INSIDEtracc reports, operational information and bill presentation.

Improved INSIDEtracc Reports

The 405 Report Daily Gas Usage by Agent -- Monthly Summary

  • Usage data now displays all 31 days of the month on one legal size page instead of two letter size pages
  • Subtotals for end-use customer data in an NBAA and for those not in an NBAA, along with a grand total combining both groups are shown
  • The report can be downloaded to Excel by clicking the export button on the screen

The 570 Report Market Center & Balancing Services

  • Displays the balance of a park, lend, or balancing account (storage or cumulative imbalance) if a balance exists; previously, no balance would display if the report were run with dates for which there was no activity

The 775 Report NBAA Aggregation Summary

  • Sorting by Maximum Daily Quantity and Transportation ID has been added

Improved Operational and Billing Information

  • In an effort to share more operational information and address OFO concerns, the Total Customer Imbalance has been added to Pipe Ranger
  • Billing quality usage data (sometimes referred to as the "burn sheets") may be sent via e-mail in lieu of fax
  • Weekend on-call information is displayed Friday through Sunday on the Pipe Ranger home page
  • Starting in November, the CGT Detail of Bill will show transportation charges arranged in alphabetic order by path and alphabetically by exhibit for park and lends
  • Also in November, the CGT Detail of Bill will provide a subtotal by exhibit

Future Actions

Other satisfaction initiatives in progress are:

  • Eliminating the double log-in to INSIDEtracc
  • Sending an automatic imbalance trading e-mail reminder two days before the close of trading when customers have a potential cashout balance
  • Creating an Operational Flow Order key indicator page to help monitor OFO risk

Customer Feedback Drives Improvements

In early November, 2005, CGT will again measure customer satisfaction by asking for your feedback. If contacted, please participate in the customer satisfaction survey and share your views of how we have performed in 2005.

We value our relationship with you and look forward to serving your business needs, now and in the future. For more information on the customer satisfaction actions, please contact your CGT Account Services Representative.

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