Passwords and Information Protection

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

PG&E's internet security staff would like us to remind customers of the importance of choosing a secure password for their INSIDEtracc login. Due to the confidentiality of nomination and contract information, choosing a secure password is critical for this application. Additionally, each person entering nominations or viewing reports or exhibits should have his or her own password.

Passwords are the most commonly used security tool in the computer world today, and therefore the most frequently cracked. An INSIDEtracc password must be 6 - 10 characters in length, can have a combination of letters and numbers, and can have a combination of upper and lower case letters.

Our information protection department has good hints to offer on passwords.

  • Don't use family information - your spouse's, kids', or dog's name - because people know those or can easily find them out.
  • Don't use ordinary 6 - 10 letter words; there are hacker software programs out there that can crack a dictionary password in about two seconds flat.
  • Base your password on a hobby or special interest, but don't be conventional. Instead of Fisherman, use Love2Fish. Instead of rotating your children's names, use 3CuteKids! These are much harder to crack, and often easier to remember.

And don't forget that the most crucial security measure for your password is to keep it to yourself and not share it!