Change. Evolve. Progress.

Monday, March 14, 2005

From the days of the horse and buggy to Model T cars, from the Wright brothers to the Space Shuttle, changes have improved life. From the telegraph to the telephone and mobile phones to the Internet, improvements are all around us. Technological advances are in the air at Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission, where the redesigned Pipe Ranger Web site will blossom this spring.

With an open feel to it, the new look reflects a site with more browser space and better-organized information. New navigation and exciting features combine with the fresh look to deliver the same information you rely upon to do business with CGT.

Ever wonder what really goes on in the lives of the representatives you deal with at CGT? Check out the new Meet CGT section. Does not knowing the number of compressors at Kettleman compressor station keep you awake at night? Check out the new interactive system map. It's all waiting for you.

And what of the rocket ship? Progress requires change. May the ship live in hearts forever. Watch for the redesigned Pipe Ranger site this spring. It's closer than you think.

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