Is the Path to Southern California Reliable?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

California Gas Transmission is periodically asked the question: Is firm transport service from the Oregon border to southern California reliable? And CGT's answer: You bet!

CGT has a policy of not oversubscribing its firm capacity. In addition, during the tumultuous summer months, CGT works hard through partnership with its customers to keep the Wheeler Ridge window open and keep firm gas flowing. So far this year, CGT has achieved a record of zero firm cuts into southern California in the timely cycle. In fact, since the start of 2002, less than one-half of one percent of the nominated firm volumes in the timely cycle have been cut going to SoCal Gas.

Annual Firm Volumes (Dth) to Southern California in the Timely Cycle
Year Total Annual Volume Scheduled Total Annual Volume Cut Number of Days with Firm Cuts Annual Firm Reliability
2000 107,512,890 303,185 17 99.7%
2001 129,529,752 2,646,120 85 98.0%
2002 109,495,011 63,987 7 99.9%
2003 132,393,335 533,785 18 99.6%
2004 142,137,855 0 0 100.0%

CGT is proud of its reliability record, both for off-system firm as well as on-system firm. CGT is ready to meet your firm transportation needs. Call your CGT Sales Representatives today!

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