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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Descheduling: The Art of Decreasing an Existing Nomination

In the western world, bigger is said to be better and more is, at times, considered an end unto itself. A master of Pipe Kwon Do, however, is quick to argue otherwise. Today's lesson reminds us that sometimes less is more.

Nominations are the case in point. The highest state of daily nominations occurs not from acquiring the most, but by achieving that elusive state known as balance. Certain situations, such as an OFO or an unexpected drop of end-use demand, can intensify one's need for balance.

Fortunately, the INSIDEtracc maneuver known as descheduling can be utilized to decrease an existing nomination. With proper practice and study, descheduling can help achieve balance and even strike a deadly blow against such forceful opponents as OFO noncompliance charges.

The following Pipe Kwon Do guidance will help you master your descheduling technique. Careful application of this method is important. Some missteps can unintentionally create an incremental nomination, exacerbating rather than alleviating your current position.

  • Begin the exercise of decreasing a nomination after the schedule cycle has been processed.
  • If you seek to deschedule a multi-day nomination that is already matched (e.g., a baseload strip of nominations for 30 days), use the Normal View Screen.
  • If you seek to deschedule any other nomination, use the Flow Date Status Screen.
  • Retrieve the nomination in question.
  • Decrease the volume of the most recent nomination first, and work back through the cycles as necessary to achieve the desired volume.
    1. If an AutoRenom (shown in blue) was generated, this nomination must be taken to zero.
    2. Go to the previous cycle's scheduled nomination (shown in black) and reduce the volume to the desired amount or to zero.
    3. Repeat step 2 until desired volume is reached.


Pipe Kwon Do Master Geima now desires a total of 20,000 Dth. So far, she has nominated 27,000 Dth as follows:

  • Timely: Scheduled at 15,000 Dth (black)
  • Evening: Scheduled at 10,000 Dth (black)
  • Intraday 1: AutoRenom of 2,000 Dth (blue)

Geima will take these steps to achieve her goal of 20,000 Dth:

  1. Retrieve nominations and decrease the AutoRenom of 2,000 Dth to zero.
  2. Decrease the Evening cycle schedule nomination from 10,000 Dth to 5,000 Dth, equaling a total of 20,000 Dth for the gas day.

Please contact your CGT Scheduling Representatives for further guidance in perfecting your descheduling technique.

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