Pipe Kwon Do

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Many disciples of Pipe Kwon Do are renowned for their ability to make time for personal reflection amidst the chaos of daily gas scheduling or trading. Regular reflection can help center oneself and gather the strength and information to conquer whatever obstacles may present themselves.

Viewing saved INSIDEtracc Reports, for example, is an excellent means of quickly reflecting on the recent past, often to the benefit of current tasks.

Begin your journey from within INSIDEtracc by choosing Navigate, Run Reports, View Saved Reports. Next, either click the lighthouse icon or select File, Navigator. Login as you would to INSIDEtracc, make sure the volume field is populated with "gbpdnt01" and click on your folder. Here, all the reports you have run in the last two weeks have been saved automatically, and are available for deep, personal reflection.

Your California Gas Transmission Account Services Representative is available to help you achieve your goals.

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