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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Enlightenment Via Subscription

Pipe Kwon Do students have long known that much learning arises from reading the words of learned men and women. To the knowledge seeker of the information age, the most difficult task is not finding reading material, but sorting through the continuous stream of data emblematic of our era.

Today's Pipe Kwon Do lesson aims to limit time spent sorting information and ensure that the appropriate disciple at your company receives the messages most suited to their nature. Subscription to the proper California Gas Transmission lists will accurately guide timely information to your company and its representatives. Moreover, regular review of these enrollments is critical to maintaining enlightened information flow.

Be One with CGT's Lists

In addition to the Pipe Ranger Web site, California Gas Transmission delivers information directly via e-mail, employing two different systems in its delivery: INSIDEtracc and subscription lists. Students of Pipe Kwon Do are wise to regularly review their company's use of each service.

INSIDEtracc recognizes several different roles. Individuals filling these roles are subscribed to receive important messages from CGT. The following table lists a few key roles and the type of messages each role receives via e-mail and INSIDEtracc notification.

INSIDEtracc Role

OFO Notice

Scheduling and INSIDEtracc-specific notices

Operating Communications
OFO / EFO Notify

INSIDEtracc recognizes roles beyond what is shown in the table above. Some of these roles are used to deliver formal correspondence and bills via mail or courier, to hold phone numbers used in daily trading, or to e-mail notice that agreements or exhibits are ready for E-Confirm or E-Accept. Masters of Pipe Kwon Do ensure all these roles are up to date. The wisest of masters schedule a semiannual review of these INSIDEtracc roles for their company.

To review these roles yourself, enter the realm of INSIDEtracc and choose Navigate, Contracts, Customers. This screen reveals the name of the representative filling each particular role for your company. To review details for each contact, such as an e-mail address, please phone your CGT Account Services Representative. Your Rep is skilled in these arts and happily shares your quest to perfect INSIDEtracc notification to your company.

CGT also offers three subscription lists: E-XPRESS, OFO Blast Paging and Deals Direct.

E-XPRESS subscribers receive important system, financial and regulatory updates via e-mail. All E-XPRESS messages are also published as Pipe Ranger News articles, making E-XPRESS a valuable service for those who do not check Pipe Ranger daily. E-XPRESS is also a great way to capture these important messages in plain text for sharing electronically.

OFO Blast Paging delivers short text notices of CGT OFOs, EFOs and Diversions to your pager or cell phone, including details such as tolerance band and noncompliance charges. Remember to avoid over-reliance on this delivery method, however. Although the temptation of Blast Paging's wireless, timely delivery is strong, the technology of text messaging has yet to reach its highest plane of existence. Relying solely on Blast Paging for OFO notice is what accomplished practitioners of Pipe Kwon Do would call a "rookie move."

Deals Direct delivers news of CGT's hottest Gold Coast Transportation and Golden Gate Market Center offers. When CGT offers a product broadly to the marketplace, Deals Direct will deliver the news right to your e-mail box.

Enrolling in any of CGT's subscription lists requires but one maneuver: navigating to the appropriate Sign Up page from Pipe Ranger's Subscription Services page. To unsubscribe persons no longer interested, simply contact your CGT Account Services Representative.

Your Representatives stand ready to aid your travels along the path of learning, guiding your subscriptions toward a more enlightened state.

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