Pipe Kwon Do

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Simplify by Importing Nominations

During the complexity of workdays bustling with detail and deadlines, the goal of simplification can seem as abstract as, well, the martial arts. Well-versed Pipe Kwon Do students, however, will realize simplification is not an abstraction but a path that can be walked deliberately. Simplification should be embraced in order to surround oneself with the most peaceful of nomination procedures available.

Pipe Ranger maps the steps to one of the simplest yet strongest sources of such peace: importing nominations from a spreadsheet. Simply visit Pipe Ranger's Tools & Services page, under INSIDEtracc, and begin your journey with Appendix A of INSIDEtracc User DocumentationThis link will open in a new window.

Importing nominations from a spreadsheet significantly reduces the amount of time required to enter multiple nominations into INSIDEtracc. It allows spreadsheet functions to be applied to nomination data before upload, such as calculations required to determine noms, and it can simplify post-nom reporting or record keeping. Those who simplify by importing noms also enjoy the company of fewer errors.

Although this Pipe Kwon Do lesson may be practiced alone using online resources, California Gas Transmission Schedulers are also available to provide further personal guidance in the quest to simplify.

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