Pipe Kwon Do

Thursday, July 29, 2004

California Gas Transmission is pleased to announce Pipe Kwon Do, a new Pipe Ranger feature and one of CGT's 2004 customer satisfaction initiatives.

Tae Kwon Do, the way of the hand and the foot, is a martial art that can provide both self-defense skills and inner peace. Pipe Kwon Do can raise your level of skill in conducting business on CGT's pipeline. Pipe Kwon Do will elevate your understanding of CGT tools and services, raising you to a higher plane of peaceful business transactions.

CGT's last customer satisfaction survey revealed a few opportunities for CGT's communication, education and training efforts to reduce potential difficulties with certain CGT systems or services. Pipe Kwon Do is a biweekly news article that seeks to address these needs.

Pipe Kwon Do will bring you helpful tips and advice on how to deal most efficiently and productively with CGT and its systems. Pipe Kwon Do is your path to becoming a more powerful CGT master, spending less time with daily tasks and encountering fewer roadblocks.

Today's premier Pipe Kwon Do reminds us that ascending the steps of CGT knowledge is not always complicated. Enlightenment is available to those who seek it.


INSIDEtracc Training Now Available

Personalized INSIDEtracc training is always available from CGT's Scheduling and Account Services masters. Customers new to Western gas markets, INSIDEtracc or PG&E's service territory may experience some frustration with the daily tasks of nominating gas or trading imbalances on CGT's system. Whether you wear a black or white belt, the best and most immediate way to transcend such experiences is to arrange an INSIDEtracc training session.

CGT can deliver personalized training over the phone, at our training studio in San Francisco, California, or possibly during a visit to your site. Sessions typically last between two and four hours, providing valuable reference materials, familiarization with best practices and answers to individual questions.

A CGT Representative will visit Houston, Texas, during the week of August 16, 2004, to offer INSIDEtracc nomination training sessions directly to interested customers. Please contact Laura Lapera via e-mail to arrange a visit from CGT during this time. Limited engagements are available, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.

For training at other times, simply contact your CGT Scheduling or Account Services Representative to arrange a session when it is most convenient for you.

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