CGT Launches Customer Satisfaction Initiatives

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Near the end of each year, Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission asks a cross section of its customer base to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. Naturally, this participation allows CGT to gauge the quality of service it provides. Even more importantly, however, active customer participation plants the seeds of CGT's annual customer satisfaction initiatives.

CGT Reaches Higher

After topping the charts in 2002, CGT's latest survey revealed that it once again achieved its highest customer satisfaction rating ever. In 2003 CGT reached an average survey score of 8.6 on a scale of 10, surpassing its already stellar 2002 mark of 8.5 and cementing another brick in its growing foundation of customer service excellence.

What does an average number like 8.6 mean in more tangible terms? Ninety-three percent (93%) of those surveyed rated CGT's customer service as better or much better than other pipelines, up from 2002's impressive eighty-nine percent (89%). None (0%) rated CGT's service as not as good or much worse than other pipelines in 2003.

High Satisfaction and Continued Refinements

CGT's annual survey provides detailed information that helps CGT understand where customers desire improvements or refinements to products and services. In past years, CGT has implemented such features as AutoRenom and INSIDEtracc Web in response to customer suggestions clearly voiced through the survey.

Although the latest survey, conducted late in 2003, did not reveal a unified voice requesting a particular change or new service, ideas for improvement and areas where attention is required to continue excellent service were highlighted.

Responding to this feedback, CGT has now developed a series of initiatives designed to further refine and improve customer service. Between now and the end of this year, Pipe Ranger will bring you news of CGT's 2004 customer satisfaction initiatives, their implementation and what they mean to you. The first two such initiatives are continued focus on knowledgeable response and one-on-one follow up.

Continued Focus on Knowledgeable Response

As the response to one survey question reveals, CGT has steadily improved the performance of its Gas Scheduling Hotline. Last year, customers were highly satisfied with CGT Scheduling's telephone response, rating it 9.0 out of a possible 10 and citing quick call-backs and personal attention.

While performance in this area was overall very strong, a few customers expressed some concern about the level of knowledge provided on some occasions. CGT's Scheduling Group has developed an initiative to more effectively share the knowledge of more senior staff with less seasoned CGT Schedulers. CGT's goal is to provide the right answer absolutely as quickly as possible. Watch for continued improvement in response to your scheduling calls during 2004.

One-On-One Follow Up

CGT's annual survey rates its services numerically, but it also provides an opportunity for open-ended response. Reviewing this narrative feedback, CGT may encounter concerns that are unique to individual customers and most appropriately addressed via one-on-one follow up. CGT takes this feedback seriously. Where customers chose not to respond anonymously, CGT will pursue individual follow up to understand and resolve customer concerns wherever possible.

More to Come

Continued focus on knowledgeable response and one-on-one follow up are but two of CGT's 2004 customer satisfaction initiatives. Stay tuned to Pipe Ranger for more news on all the 2004 initiatives and what they mean for you.

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